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The philosopher A.C. Grayling wrote the following sentence in the Financial Times book review:

To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.

To read fine literature is to fly. We use our imaginations to enter new worlds and times. It is an activity that uses our highest faculties - empathy, sympathy and analysis. Reading challenges both the intellect and the emotions. And it goes beyond both these abilities into the realms of the spirit.

I started reading seriously when I was 16 years old. It all started with my history teacher who said something I will never forget. He said: "Don’t believe everything you read." With that he opened up vistas of potential within me. Before I read as a consumer, just taking it all in and blindly being led by the plot to the end of the book; after that moment I looked at books a new way. They were challenges, they were puzzles, they were arguments and they were examples of prosody. I learnt quickly how, even if mostly unconsciously, the reader is co-architect in the making of meaning. It is as the cliche goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - meaning is in the mind of the reader. What people chose to see in books reveals a lot about themselves. I have come to notice that this is particularly true of the terse prose found in the Bible. Some people read the Bible and take away love in their hearts for their fellow humans; other step away from the tome full of fire and brimstone and obsessive hatred for the foibles of human nature.

And that is my real point. As we let ourselves fly high on the words of the great novelists, poets and dramatists we also fly deep within. When we land again we must stop to inspect the self wisdom that the soaring has produced. Every great writer has been self-aware to the point sometimes sadly of desperation. They are aware of their art (and its failings) and of their own intellect and emotions. Kafka was never satisfied with what he wrote and intended to burn his manuscripts.

Not only does reading allow us to hold the mirror up to our own self, it also helps us to improve out communication skills. We live in the information age. Those that are skilful in using and presenting information will be those who succeed in this brave new digital world. It is a world where the grain must be separated from the chaff.

This website is intended as a forum for new writers. Their subject matters are diverse; their styles different; their arguments both original and re-workings of old concepts. It is hoped that the reader will spend the time to take to the skies and fly through these articles and by doing so learn more about him or herself and also take away some practical piece of information.

Finally, to keep on the same analogy of birds soaring, the English Romantic poet and visionary, William Blake wrote:

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

So take to the sky, dear reader.

It often surprises people to learn that Mark Twain made a great deal of money through his writings.  We’re often used to our authors having a life which is not always considered successful until they’re death, but this was not the case with Twain.   By exposing the great American dream as a myth, he speaks not only for his own age but for every person who has failed to attain prosperity in America. He encouraged the reader to realize that conforming to other people is not a wise choice, that can have consequence. Mark Twain has ever been one of my favourite writers. He is really just a pseudonym.

Huck feels to be an outsider and adjusts to unique circumstances, so as to belong. It then escapes his father which is an uncivilized thing, but in the context is the right thing to do. Overall, it was a lot more frustrated with Tom throughout the whole process than awed as he might have been at the very beginning of the novel. Maybe it was supposed to represent the Pike, no one will ever really know.   It’s a theory discussed on various arts programmes, the last I think was the South Bank Show years ago and one on the BBC which I presume is long gone now.

Compared carefully to the start of the story, but the reader can observe that Huck, in reality, acts significantly different towards the conclusion of his adventure. The author uses logos appeal in the essay and his own comprehension of the notion is unquestionable regardless of the simple fact that the topic still remains debatable. He gives examples from history all over the world to prove the wrong use of power by man himself. Many renowned writers are thought to have had bipolar disorder. Regardless of the time-honored rules of English usage, writing has gotten more and more informal over recent years. It is very important to read and interpret a book before choosing to criticize it. The book was banned across the USA throughout time, specifically in many southern states, for its usage of the term nigger.

Mark Twain was more than just a genius storyteller, he is also famous for his thinking and philosophy.  He held strong views on both and in particular those on religion. It is probably fair to say he was not a great believer, something you can pick up even just watching the dramatization of Huckleberry Finn streaming on Netflix IP addresses, learn how here!

Be the change you would like to see on the planet. The absolute most rewarding things that you can do in life are frequently the ones that look as though they cannot be carried out. In earlier times bipolar people were misunderstood and the majority of other men and women actually feared them that is precisely why their life was extremely complicated and frequently socially isolated.

`Age isn’t a particularly intriguing subject. It might be showing my age once I say I was spanked as a kid. Your kid is in good business! If you’re writing in third individual, make certain your usage is correct in the prose or descriptive areas of the story. Identify a historical person that has quoted something profound that you are able to relate to. You’re more inclined to be taken seriously if you’re a type person. Man is, in addition, the only religious animal.

You could argue that David Hume was ahead of his time certainly in the formal study of philosophy. He claimed that there is an inherent ethical component to the way human beings interact and we know ethical and unethical behavior simply by observing it and without the use of reason. In other words, he thinks that we suppose that there is such a thing as a persisting self due to the fact that there is continuity from one idea to the next. He has a two-part answer to this. Essentially, he argues that the type of identity that exists in the example of the oak tree is the same type of identity in personal identity (p. 306-307). He would not likely be satisfied with this type of response, for he strongly believed that if the notion of self were to exist it would have to be derived from sense impressions.

There are not any contradictions. If truth is that which we seek, then you have to decide what’s the best means of getting to it.  You can’t simply sit in a presentation, listen to a speaker or endure a series of slide shows for any sort of inspiration, it comes from thought.  There’s a commonly held belief that there’s such a thing for a self that persists throughout one’s life. There’s a commonly held belief that there’s such a thing for a self that persists throughout ones life. In that instance, you may want to assume the presence of God in your opening paragraph rather than spending several pages providing an argument for the presence of God. Our universe could be a giant hologram. For instance the universe might be the very first mover, not God.

You would then have to offer an argument which demonstrates that a specific mind-independent moral obligation exists. The very first portion of making this kind of argument is normally establishing that we have a tendency to care about and sympathize with different humans. When picking a definition, bear in mind that there are plenty of kinds of ethical arguments and that the direction you argue for your specific claim depends in large part on how you define your terms. Quite simply, an ethical argument tries to prove that a particular issue is either morally right or wrong. You would have to first provide an argument for the presence of mind-independent moral obligations. Regardless of the concept working well in these scenarios, it’s still beneath a lot of debate. There’s great debate over how much government is needed.

Locke is regarded as the first of the 3 great British Empiricists.   He was certainly covered in the BBC series on Philosophy which you may still be able to download now.  In this way, he had established a negative rights for all human beings. Russell thought that most of the philosophy up until the 20 Century was based around making assumptions in order to try and create a continuous and dogmatic system which could explain everything.

The idea of courtesy was born. When you have a look at a concept like segregation you’re able to observe the way the general will applies. Basically however, the idea is to refrain from making assumptions that very few or no acceptable men and women would make. Surely some things cannot be doubted. It is, actually, only human. A mind-independent explanation is some sort of reason which exists independently of human thought. Another thing to bear in mind about assumptions is that the number of assumptions you’re ready to make depends in large part on the scope and duration of your paper.

Our concept of God is an instance of this. You might have your own idea of beauty. Randas philosophy is a type of egoism. One of the best philosophers to come up with and refine epistemology, together with other philosophical concepts, is Immanuel Kant. It’s almost not possible to locate a significant writer or thinker ahead of the 20th century who seriously supported independence.

There have always been suggestions that alcohol can help stimulate ideas and indeed many famous writers have suffered from alcohol problems for their art.  For many years, authors have claimed that there’s a good connection between drinking and imagination.

Currently, researchers in the University of Graz may have located a scientific evidence to back the anecdotal concept that wine may resolve writer’s block.

A study published in Consciousness & Cognition from Dr Mathias Benedek analyzed the ramifications of ‘light alcohol intoxication’ on imaginative cognition.

The experimentation found 89 participants resolve creativity-measuring activities after beer ingestion. A number of these were awarded alcoholic beer, while some drank alcohol-free one, which they couldn’t distinguish.

Each player by the alcohol-consuming group needed to get to the degree of moderate intoxication, which meant the concentration of alcohol in bloodstream of 0.03 percent — or 30mg of alcohol at each 100ml of blood. That is less than half of the drink-drive limitation in England, for instance.

Afterward they needed to finish a word association task, like finding a connection between apparently unrelated words such as ‘cabin’, ‘blue’ and ‘cake’.

The participants who drank alcohol was shown to be more inclined to guess that the proper response was ‘cheese’.

The drinkers also played marginally better in jobs measuring inventive thinking, in which they needed to develop as many creative applications as they can for common objects such as umbrella or swing.

The analysis also discovered that alcohol ingestion contributes to restricted ‘cognitive management’, which could be frequently a barrier in solving creative activities.

‘Alcohol may especially play a part in mitigating fixation consequences,’ explained Dr Benedek from the journal post. ‘In inventive problem solving, issues can frequently only be solved following a restructuring of the problem representation.’

‘When first solution tries get on the wrong path, this may result in blocks to instant problem solving, which will be referred to as psychological fixation. Alcohol can decrease fixation consequences by harnessing the attention of attention.’

Dr Benedek cautioned that The findings weren’t an invitation to drink too to improve creativity.   Especially as alcohol is a growing problem in all sectors of society including the creative and artistic sectors.  There are some important developments in treatments though including some that can allow moderate consumption.  This is quite different to traditional methods which almost all advocate completely abstaining.

One such treatment is called the Sinclair Method which is based on a drug called Nalmefene or Selincro, the latter is the trade name in Europe. The drug Selincro actually reduces the pleasurable effects of alcohol by blocking the opiates released.   You can read about someone taking Selincro in this blog post –

‘Beneficial consequences are probably limited to quite small quantities of alcohol, where as excess alcohol ingestion typically impairs inventive growth,’ he explained at the analysis write-up.

John Coates

JK Rowlings and Shakespeare are the giants of English literature or so the latest survey would have us believe. Charles Dickens get’s a mention too, but precious few other famous English authors. Last October, the Royal Society of Literature figure out to discover how far British residents understand about literature. They published the findings (pdf) in their poll yesterday, and the outcomes were…combined.

Around 75 percent said they’d read something non-work-related at the previous six months, so it can be classified as literature.  Seventy percent of all respondents said that they believed literature is something which comforts individuals in times of pressure. In reaction to another question, 15 percent said they believed literature is too tricky to comprehend.

Of course, our reading habits have changed and indeed the survey would have better results if it concerned online media.  For example knowledge of other forms of the arts such as films has greatly increased.  A new IP address for US Netflix is probably preferable to a new library to most people, unfortunately.

When asked if they can name any living or deceased individual who composed that which might be considered paranoid, 20 percent replied no, they did not understand, were not certain, or could not recall. Of those who may reply, Shakespeare was that the individual named many, followed by Dickens and Rowling.

Surveyors left over the definition of exactly what constitutes literature up for their interviewees. “We needed the people to inform us what literature would be to them, as opposed to inform them what we believed,” says Annette Brook, communications supervisor for your 197-year-old nonprofit arts business. Only two authors of color have been appointed by more than 1 individual: Zadie Smith and Haruki Murakami.

“It was surprising that the 75 percent of people felt that someone they’d read in the past six months had been assassinated,” says Brook. “This has been exciting for many people, heartening, satisfying. However, how a substantial minority do not access read or literature at all actually; that isn’t surprising. That’s only sad for all of us”

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That India has a severe occupations and employment problem is now but a foregone conclusion. But equally frightening is the way that is being chased by a critical mismatch on the source side as tens of thousands of young Indians graduate with degrees which have very little significance in the work industry and what employers need.

Based on the International Labour Organization’s World Employment Social Outlook report published in January this year, the amount of unemployed from India is expected to go up by 17.8 million in 2016 around 18 million in 2018. Nonetheless, it’s in the lower end of these demographics that the dilemma is looming even bigger. According to OECD’s annual financial survey, over 30 percent of youth aged 15-29 in India aren’t in employment, education or training (NEETs). That is over double the OECD average and nearly 3 times that of China.

With each passing day, these amounts are swelling since Indian businesses shed workers. Last week in its annual general assembly, Infosys Ltd, that despite its own boardroom woes is among India’s most prosperous companies, stated the automation-driven attrition has hit on 11,000 occupations. The majority of them could have already been educated and highly educated engineers.

However, check out the record set from the University of Delhi concerning demand for a variety of lessons reveals little of this panic that ought to be causing at the positions of level seekers. The most demand is to get the amorphous BA application. However, what is completely problematic is that for 2017, the 2nd most popular class is a bachelor of arts in English for that over 120,000 applications have been received this season. That is followed by software to get political science honours which amount almost 100,000.

The honours class in English does not integrate conversational English as well as company writing but mainly English literature as a portion of which pupils will learn how to enjoy Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, William Shakespeare’s Othello, Charles Dickens’s Hard Times, besides several Indian writers and poets like G.M. Muktibodh and Nissim Ezekiel. Hell, there is also Alice Walker and Jean Genet to get a worldwide sense.

That’s all very well for creating the finer sensibilities and also for some interesting conversations about a rainy evening, but badly restrictive in preparing pupils for a long time livelihood out of academia. What’s more learning conversational English is not included which would be much more valuable. Thanks to proxies though they at least can watch BBC iPlayer abroad and brush up on an English accent from the BBC.

Here is the record set from Kiplinger, a Washington-based author of company predictions and personal finance information, of the 10 top jobs which are thought to have the maximum growth potential in the near future: caregiver, medical sonographer, healthcare managers, physical therapist, dental hygienist, data security analyst, computer systems analyst, program developer, market research analyst and operations researcher.

The record is related to the demand situation in the united states so at best it’s indicative. That there’s not any equal record for India underscores the sharp connection between our university schooling program and the actual job marketplace. A LinkedIn blog article on skills that could get you hired tomorrow and today comprises cloud and distributed computing, user interface design, storage systems design, public relations and communications, and economics, public policy and worldwide relations, amongst others.

Much because it offends people who think literature educates young people about life and also is also a crucial part of schooling, its capacity to supply jobs to the countless young Indians is critically restricted. In the 3 years it can take to graduate, they’ll learn little of their abilities required in a fast changing world.

Here is exactly what venture capitalist and Technology investor Vinod Khosla had to say regarding a liberal arts education: “Though Jane Austen and Shakespeare could be significant, they are much less significant than a number of other things which are more important to generate an intelligent, always learning citizen, and also a more elastic human being at our increasingly more complicated, varied and dynamic universe”

In the united states, English ranks last on the listing of the top 10 most well-known majors according to average annual graduation rates of students in the particular races. Topping the record is business management and administration, followed by nursing.

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Proofreading is among the most significant facets of an editor. It is a procedure that guarantees that the final document is free of syntactic, spelling, and grammatical errors, as well as ambiguous phrasing and poor word choice. Every proofreader essentially requires an exceptional eye for imperfection that might be found in any sort of writing. Selecting a copyeditor is a sensible investment if you’re planning on publishing your book by yourself.


You may be able to recognize grammar and spelling errors too. Your spelling, grammar and sentence structure have to be good too, because the customer won’t wish to have to devote time editing your work. Writing correct English here means using good grammar, punctuation and spelling not to mention constructing the right sentences. Many languages were created to communicate with computers, and for that reason establishing brevity in language became essential, to be able to create the job of programming simpler. As a kid, learning is so much simpler – you’re allowed to make mistakes.

The problem with proofreading is the mistakes look twice as bad because you were meant to correct them.   For example I was recently watching Netflix where you can see that the subtitles have been rushed into some movies – this is how I watch despite Netflix blocking VPNs and proxies now.

Rewriting may offer several heights of writing help. No matter your degree of English writing skills, hiring professional on-line editing or proofreading services to assist you correct and polish your work can end up being invaluable. To successfully do the aforementioned duties as a legal secretary, it is critical you have certain abilities and individual abilities.

Editing and proofreading is a vital part of this procedure. So as to acquire a significant grade for your efforts of writing a great thesis you must take part in thorough editing. In another case, if the text is attempting to mean its and it’s been keyed in as it’s then the notion of the clause is not only going to be wholly distorted, but in addition will confuse the reader. The advanced reader copy really isn’t the last copy. Then proofread again in the finished format whether it’s print or digital. A college student, MLA paper corrector you may use to compose their paper in among the best tools. It might vary from thesis papers or health care journals to research papers.

James Summers

Author of The British IP Address, Jamestown Press, 2013

When you’re writing your CV, you’re a copywriter too. Writing and after that updating a CV is a beneficial technique during job search as it assists you keep an eye on your abilities and experience in 1 document. It’s crucial your Writer’s CV is very clear and simple to understand.
Remember people will often satisfy your CV till they satisfy you, so make sure to provide an excellent impression! Writing a CV is among the very first things to do to take in the procedure for applying to graduate programs. It is critical that you ensure your CV has the vital phrases a recruiter would hunt for, as without themit won’t really get a chance. A scholarship CV ought to be written purposely with the research post in mind

Twice as Good?

Twice as Good?

With your CV you’re going to be in a position to promote yourself. Your CV has to be adjusted to the position you put in your application for. Our whole CV writing service is appropriate for people new to the jobs market along with experienced professionals that are already in employment.
A CV is a fundamental tool in your work search, it must be clear and simple to read. Although it can be photocopied for inspection by several people, the original will probably be handled and read first by someone with the capability to choose whether it’s photocopied or dumped. Unfortunately don’t think you can get by without one, a CV is usually a must when it regards making job applications.

The foremost thing you should think about while developing it is to maintain it simple along with specific. When you have something that is out of date, it suggests you couldn’t really be  bothered to gather all the required information. If you’re contemplating using an expert CV writing service like the ones you find on the internet, make sure they ask you the correct questions and ensure you have answered them accurately.   It’s not a bad idea to have a selection available all slightly different and tailored to different roles – for example highlight technical competencies like your knowledge of residential VPNs here in a computer based role.

Your CV can be a couple of pages long, but certainly no longer but it’s your decision. Your CV has to be perfect for the employer you are trying to convince, many will reject over two pages or certainly any which have spelling mistakes. If your CV appears good, employers will be more prone to read it. In summary, paying to receive your CV written for you has both its pros and cons. So that your CV needs to be just that tiny bit special to stand out whether you need to acquire interviews. An excellent CV gives you a chance to get noticed and picked. By taking care of these easy things it is easy to design an expert CV that may easily catch the eye of your employers and elevate your odds of getting hired by the desired company.

Three or more people can read your CV prior to a choice is made. Your CV is a critical tool in regards to your professional advancement, therefore it’s well worth taking the opportunity to receive it right. A CV isn’t only judged by its credentials, but likewise the manner and finesse in which they’re provided. Opting to compose a CV in Word grants you the chance to use formatting tactics and styles to make it look its very best.  It should reflect the demands of your particular industry, and the job that you are applying for. You must have the ideal CV in hand to submit quickly.

John Hammers

Online Anonymity

The effect of student-created concept maps is really powerful that it’s worth the investment of time! Among the uses of concept maps that’s growing at a quick rate is the application of concept maps to capture the tacit understanding of experts. His use of the expression mind maps isn’t accidental then. Because concept maps can serve several purposes, they’re an excellent productivity tool and time saver. The kind of focus question produces a difference in the multitude of concept maps the student builds. While this rank order might be only approximate, it is helpful to begin the entire process of map construction. This informative article discusses the usage of concept maps in early childhood education. Netflix Proxy Issue The inquiry sometimes arises regarding the origin of our initial concepts. This comes to the point a mind map may be represented as a tree, even though a concept map might need a network representation. Mind maps are naturally diverse from what’s referred to as concept maps within the sense the former is composed of the individual key concept as the latter can have and in a number of cases often do have numerous concepts. There are numerous advantages to concept maps. You certainly can do that by simply revising your initial concept map or by creating a brand-new one. This is valid for all ecosystems.

It is very important to recognize that a concept map is not finished. Concept maps are fantastic tools for any classroom irrespective of grade level. An example of the very simple concept map. Another example of the very simple concept map. There are many ways of scoring concept maps. This observation isn’t meant to set mind maps above (or below) concept maps, yet to differentiate both types. The students’ task is always to complete the map. Concepts that need classification require a map that shows categorization. Concept mapping is a simple method to encourage rather high rates of cognitive performance, once the procedure is done well. This and a lot of other studies have proven that humans have a remarkable capability to recall images, though they soon forget most of the details in the images.

Concept maps are extremely flexible and can really be used for a number of purposes. Along with submaps, a large variety of digital resources might be accessed through the concept maps. Concept map that is certainly part of the collaborative Knowledge Soup. Students must construct 1 concept map of every lesson of the topic after it’s explained by the lecturer within the class. Concept maps have been put to use for quite a while in numerous disciplines. They can help you improve your understanding of a topic you’re studying.

This technique of communication relies upon a fundamental word or possibly an individual visual concept. In this instance, we’re probably referring to using a comparatively complete (not skeleton) map for a scaffold, expecting novices to go deeper in the topic by making several submaps which are linked to the starting point map. This really is evident within the diagram complementing this informative article. An example of the concept map employing an easy, familiar topic. The audience is vital, though. In the end, students may organize concepts in relation to each other.

Further Reference:

James Callows, Movies, Netflix and the Muse – History of Imagination – Link.

Many people look down their noses at the big online media sites, thinking they’re packed with low grade made for TV dramas and low grade US and UK fillers.  Of course to some extent they’re right, there are lots of B movies and 10 year old TV series on most of the big media streaming services just like they’re on cable and terrestrial TV stations.   Although being able to binge watch a whole series in a weekend makes for much better viewing at least in my opinion.

However the truth is that the big media sites have literally thousands of films, TV series and documentaries including many classics.   If you browse through Netflix for example you’ll find a whole host of movies which regularly feature in the best 250 movies on IMDB including it’s number one pick the Shawshank Redemption a 20 year old classic.   What’s more a channel like Netflix will actually help you browse and suggest films that you’ll like if you ensure  you leave ratings for the films you watch,


One of the difficulties with Netflix however is that although it appears to be a global service that is not quite the case.    In fact you could happily sign up in one country and then travel to another and find your account is inaccessible.   This is because although Netflix is an online service, it actually is region locked to the location you are in when you access it.  So for example you can sign up in the US and get the American Netflix service, but travel to Japan and connect and you’ll get the Japanese version of Netflix stuffed with loads of bizarre Anime content!

It’s obviously better than not getting access at all but it can be extremely annoying subscribing to an online service which is so restricted to your physical location.  Many of the versions of Netflix are vastly inferior to others which makes it even more frustrating.  The US version is widely regarded to be the best version by far with many thousands more films and movies than other countries have access to.

Fortunately there is a way to bypass these rather old fashioned restrictions by hiding your location using a VPN service.  This allow you to pretend your in a different location and effectively choose which version of Netflix you wish to see, now you have to be careful with these services as many of them are now blocked by Netflix.  However is you choose the best Netflix VPN like this one you’ll have no trouble at all.   I use it all the time to watch the US version of Netflix which has all the shows I want to watch, as opposed waiting for years before they appear on the UK version.

James Collins


Writing an ebook can be a great way to get your name known online, not to mention a way to make money. There is now a market for any type of ebook you can imagine, as ebook readers are everywhere. There was a time when the majority of ebooks were simply about how to make money online, now they cover all sorts of subjects and topics.

Nowadays, you have a wide choice of topic, and novels are also very popular in eBook format. The first step to building your eBook empire, of course, is composting your first eBook. This is harder than it looks, so here are some tips to help you out.

An eBook that is only based on PLR material is almost guaranteed to be a failure. It’s common (but incorrect) knowledge that you can create a quality eBook from inexpensive PLR you have stored on your desktop. This technique will not make you popular with your readers, and some platforms such as Kindle will ban your book. PLR can be helpful to inspire you or to gather some basic info on the topic. Only PLR that’s been totally revised and rewritten can be the basis of your eBook. It’s not enough to just make some changes, or to put it through an automated spin software; it has to be written in your words from start to finish. To even think in terms of rewriting PLR, however, is risky, as you can get sloppy and not change it enough; better to simply write your own content!

You’ll find it easier in the long run and greatly increases your chances of success.  For example I recently wrote a series of short books as an introduction to the use of proxies and VPNs for personal security.  They sold in some small amounts but I noticed the most read topic was about bypassing region locking and filtering, so I wrote specifically on this subject next time.   I started on a current event – that is the Netflix VPN block which is quite big news in the movie watching fraternity, only a small book but the subject matter was very hot and sold very well indeed!

Hire a really great editor. When it comes to this, the cost of an editor shouldn’t be an object. One your words are on the page and you’ve had a few testers read through the book to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything huge, you should hire an editor to go through your work with a fine toothed comb. If you hire a good editor, you should be able to take your eBook from a low level to a high one. That is the job of an editor. An editor doesn’t just point out the mistakes you’ve made (though they will if they find them). Their job is to help you make sure that your ideas are translated well and accurately to the pages of your eBook. When you want to sell a lot of copies of your eBook, you need to work with your editor to make sure that it is perfect before you offer it up for sale.

You need to learn how to align your eBook. So many people believe that they can sit down, open up a word processing document and just start typing to create an eBook. Many people in this world are gifted, and can write without an outline. But for most of us, we will need one to create our product. Outline each of the major points that you want to cover in your book. Essentially, you are just writing down the points you were going to discuss. Just put these points in the best order that you think they should go. By watching a few outlining tutorials on the web, you can learn how to do this exactly. Make use of them!

You can do so much with eBooks on the Internet, plus cash in for your efforts. eBooks have a certain market that is willing to spend the money. You have to work hard at this if you really wanted to be profitable. Crafting eBooks can actually become quite boring after a while. By using the information in this article, you should have no problems whatsoever creating a profitable eBook that can make you money. What’s the hold up?

Start the writing process immediately!


George Harris

Writer and Blogger – How to Get a US IP Address

There are several manners in which people make money blogging. There’s also a host of variations on each of these, a common ay is that you can utilize the social media you have already to build up your blog to monetize. In case you REALLY want to earn money blogging, don’t concentrate on monetizing or bringing traffic to your own blogs within the initial six months. The way to use blogger for newcomers will greatly enhance your capacity to get out into the current market and compete with several other vendors with advertising that’s powerful, but simple to learn. Well with the invention of the web, a couple of years past, blogging has gotten more and much more popular. Personally, the biggest share of my own blogging revenue originates from selling my own solutions along with the 2nd biggest share from selling affiliate solutions.


As I said at the very beginning of this column, starting a fresh blog will not need to be considered a large thing. You have chosen to take up a blog and require help deciding which platform to utilize. So blogging takes however very long you want it too, if you would like an excellent result for your own blog, it’s going to take quite a long time because you’re going to need to do trial and error. Thus, get started writing blogs and begin making money pay-per view blogging!   It’s very much like producing a news site but on a specific subject or topic, this doesn’t mean you need to watch the BBC News live every night and then keep up with them but you do need to keep your blog fresh.

The actuality it is so straightforward to locate an approach to blog for free is among the reasons why so many individuals who have not ever had any other form of web presence before come across themselves drawn to blogging. It’ll be featured on your own blog for a bit, but once the info is outdated, you’re going to need to return through and update the info in order that people will appear at a particular post again. Now that you’ve read this informative article, you need to have a simple time setting up your own blog, giving it a special look suited to your own tastes, updating it by interesting content, and keeping people within the loop. Writing and keeping a blog takes a particular level of commitment, along with a passion (or no less than a liking) for stringing words into a nice sentence.

Make sure you keep your information current and updated, for example if you’ve got a technology based blog it’s vital to keep it current with the latest news.  Some niches need updating more than other, for example I run one on proxies and VPNs which changes all the time – here’s the latest post about Netflix blocking proxies, remember your regular readers will rely on you for the latest.

Blogging is an excellent tool to share ideas as well as your passions. There’s absolutely no guaranteed manner of finding an individual free blogging platform that’s suitable, but you often can. So it is going to take a whole lot of time, to really get your blog to where you need it to be, you just got to be happy to put within the time. If you establish to begin a blog from which you’ll earn money, you need to decide the many ways by which you’ll earn money. It’s possible to blog your way to success and make a lot of cash doing this! Possessing an excellent blog isn’t enough concerning wanting to make money from it.

Blogging is really a fun method to share information regarding subjects and topics of expertise. Understand that blogging isn’t for everybody. Blogging is a huge strategy to write if you need to begin writing small, why don’t you begin blogging it’s easy it’s going to take time it doesn’t just happen overnight. Blogging can take days, it may take months it may take years. This definitely is a crucial step because you don’t wish to initiate a blog just to find out its limitations. I looked at loads of various things, before I began blogging.

Headline writing can be confusing for the beginner especially if that person heads out into the net to find information. The web has lots of conflicting information and advice about good writing techniques for everything from copywriting to headline composition. The more time you spend searching the more confusing it can all become. One of the main reasons for this is that people learn from lots of different sources. You should also try to remember that headlines were written a long time before now. Headlines are easy to find especially in the swipe files that are stuffed with copy from decades past. Those old headlines were effective when there was no internet. Keep in mind that you are living in a different time and that you shouldn’t think of piece of copy as being timeless, especially when you’re thinking of how well it performs.

Try to keep yourself out of trouble and do not promise about what a product or service is able to deliver. If you’re writing a headline advertising a fast VPN that’s fine, but if you move onto statements like the ‘fastest’-you leave yourself open to challenge. You might sometimes feel the temptation to exaggerate a little bit…or quite a lot…when you are composing a headline. All that will do, though, is cause problems and get you in trouble. You need to make sure to follow the guideline that your copy and your headline will only be 100% honest. Stooping to the use of total hype, on the other hand is a major turn off for your readers. People are sick to death of overly hyped copy online and they are acutely aware of its existence.

It is easy and possibly effective to create strong headlines by using phrases such as; Why, Ways To or Strategies To, How To is always a classic that can work very well. Whatever product you sell, the benefit and features of owning a product should be presented. All you have to do is take a benefit, and modify it to go on the headline itself. But remember that for the headline, the benefit should be a powerful one and maybe the best one you have. And to make it better, numbered lists in the headline can go a long way.

One of the worst things you can do is think about what you want to write when coming up with a copy and headline combo. Your headline needs to reflect the desires and wants of your audience. Any item that you sell, the copy needs to represent value, especially to the potential customer. Your opinion does not count – you need to consider what the consumer finds valuable with your item. Knowing your audience like this is how you will do well in business. It’s all about knowing what your customer base wants, and not guessing every time you write a headline or a piece of copy.

If you have never done any testing in your marketing, then change that as soon as possible. The first thing that you should test (once you’re set up to do so) should be your headline. Headlines are the best places to start optimizing because this is where you both gain and lose the most people. Put a good tracking solution in place and watch the numbers while you are testing.

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If you want an interesting insight into a society, how about this one?  The US organisation – American Library Association publishes a list of challenged books that have appeared in libraries.  This is a list of books which readers have actively complained to appearing on the shelves of their local libraries.

Many of these are quite predictable, for instance there’s  a variety of books which deal with sex and sexuality ranging from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to more serious books about transgender issues.  Of course, many of these books will draw opposition particularly in the more religious and conservative societies spread across the United States.  Sometimes these objections are part of an organised dispute or protest often sponsored by a religious group.

smart dns proxy

The book which has received the greatest number of challenges in 2015 was an adult novel called ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green.  Many people found it contained sexually explicit language or offensive scenes, although it is surprising why these people found themselves reading such material.

Other books mentioned in the top ten are nearly all concerned with some sort of sexual expression apart from one notable example – arriving in the top ten for the first time ever is – The Holy Bible.  This is somewhat of a surprise and it’s inclusion is something of a puzzle.  Some people have speculated that it is indicative of the rising levels of atheism in the US, other suggest that it’s simply a secular protest that a religious book violates the States impartiality.

It may simply be a response to the growing activism of church groups, when one book is protested against on religious grounds – secular groups protest against the bible on a ‘tit for tat’ basis.  There is no doubt that there is a worry though that these lists seem to be growing in a nation that champions free speech and the lack of censorship.   Already the internet is rife with filters and blocks and  people actively seek out servers in certain countries in order to avoid surveillance and censorship, popular locations include looking for a US and UK proxy server to ensure that internet access is not filtered.

There is an expectation that whatever we do online, it’s between ourselves and our keyboards. I suspect nobody thinks there’s some digital list of what we get up to online, no record of every website we visit, video we watch or message we send. Unfortunately this expectation of privacy is ill founded simply because of the way the internet works.

The first issue is that the internet is basically enabled through a huge shared network of hardware owned by a myriad of businesses, organisations and governments. Our communication travels over this shared hardware every time we use the internet for pretty much anything. The second salient point is that the vast majority of our communication exists in clear text, HTTP offers no protection of our data at all to interception and snooping. The secure section HTTPS offers some protection but that too is limited if the would be spy has some technical knowledge and access to some intermediate hardware.

So how can we protect ourselves and at least maintain some sort of privacy online, after all I’m sure we all would want some sort of security. As far as using the internet is concerned then the main logical step is to invest in a VPN or proxy server like this England proxy.

So how do these programs work? Well the most secure option is that of a VPN server which basically routes your entire connection through an encrypted tunnel across the internet. This ensures that as your details and browsing travels through the internet none of it is visible and readable. The other benefit of a VPN server is that the site you visit is not able to track your either, your location is normally accessible to the sites you visit.

So is VPN safe to use, well as you can from this video some of the commercial offerings have a huge variety of security options designed to protect your identity and connection. It is crucial that you choose a company who have the experience to run a secure VPN service or you’d be safer not using anything.

The internet is changing every year and in some senses so is the way we interact on it.  For many years, it was about blogging – seemingly everyone had a blog and wrote their thoughts and experiences down in an online diary.  These soon started to overtake the traditional web sites and pretty soon every company and business had a blog to go with their site.

Although bloggers are still everywhere, fashions seem to be changing – inspired by the social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube now we see the next generation using Vlogs.  These are the video version of blogs and users instead of writing down their thoughts, opinions and experiences speak them into a camera using video.

Other technology has obviously enabled this as our smart phones are now perfectly capable of recording movie level quality.  Increasingly the videos are hosted and located on other people’s sites – a YouTube Channel for example.  However what if you don’t want to do the ‘talking head’ style video – are there any other options for people wanting to promote businesses online using videos?

Fortunately supporting the switch to video comes a host of rather clever computer programs which enable the user.  This program for example is an online slideshow video maker

As you can see it is designed to produce videos quickly from any manner of text or content. You paste the words into the program which then creates a video based on the words. From the interface you can modify the look, feel and style of the slideshow and then record either a voice over to the text or add backing music for the viewer to listen to.

When the program is complete it stores the video in a popular format called MP4 and makes it available for download. Because the whole thing is stored on the cloud (a series of large networked servers) there are no storage issues and the whole process can be completed through a web browser as long as there is access to a microphone if you want to record anything.

Each video looks very professional and the program which is called Content Samurai is available here. It doesn’t have the advanced editing techniques that many complexed video editing software has but it also doesn’t have much of a learning curve either. You can basically with no prior knowledge record and upload a video in a few minutes from scratch.

If your web business relies on solid content, then you know all too well what it means to your marketing. Writer’s block affects millions of people to varying degrees, and you have to move on this if you encounter it in your writing. You cannot ignore this and hope it will go away because chances are it will get worse. So we know you want to come to grips and do something, and the three suggestions that follow are for you.


One thing you need to know is what your readers want from you, and you can help remember that by writing them down. Also, what that will do is keep you focused on what you need to include in your writing. Even creating a basic profile of your reader can give you the much needed leverage and help you create better content. When you write the outline, you will have major points and then supporting data for the points. Some people tend to work too long and do not take breaks, so just work on taking breaks.  Relax do something you enjoy that is easy on the mind, I tend to enjoy watching the BBC perhaps an episode of Dr Who or something – I recommend this –Smart DNS service for those outside the UK.

How you want to do this will need to work with your basic total amount of time you can devote to the writing.

You could actually write easier and with less worry or stress since you know that you can stop soon and break. If you try this and it just does not fit for you, then throw it out and go to the next technique and see what happens.

Writing is hard to do, so you should be sure you listen to your body and mind when it comes to your emotions and feelings. But on the other hand, sometimes you just have to get off to a slow start and build on it so you can get something done. For example, some people write better when they wake up early in the morning, and there are others who like writing late nights when everyone’s sleeping. Like with all else in this, you have to explore as much as you can and be willing to follow your hunches. Creating great content for your online business requires you to do it on a consistent basis, and that will only be possible when you know how to bring in the flow. So you can use these tips plus there are more on the net, so do some research on your own. Regardless of what you aim to achieve out of your content, you have to work your way up by being consistent. You will find that things will get a lot better over time, and that is all that matters with this.

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If you do any kind of marketing online or offline, your writing ability can drastically affect your income. Outsourcing your writing is always a possibility, but you probably aren’t going to hire someone to write every single email or piece of copy you have to compose. So everyone should master at least the basics of writing. Many people are not even in the position to do any outsourcing at this stage. You can save a lot of money by learning how to write well yourself so you don’t have to pay others to do it. The three principles we’ll be covering in this article will enable you to get better results from your writing.


Stay truthful with your words. This is particularly important if the writing you are going to be doing is going to be sales writing. You are going to have the urge to over-inflate the claims you make about your product or service to make it seem like the best thing your customers will ever see, but resist this urge. Making wild claims will only give you a high refund rate and possibly even legal difficulties. Word also spreads quickly online, so if your product doesn’t live up to the hype your sales will soon suffer. As long as it’s true, there’s nothing wrong with bragging a little about your business, service or product. But when you start saying that it will make them rich overnight or something equally unlikely, you will run into problems. Keep your claims factual and enthusiastic but never exaggerate.

You do not always need more words to get your point across, and in fact, you usually only need a few words to get your point across. For many amateur writers, the urge they have to fight the most is the urge to over write something. You can imagine what the reader thinks about this, and the response is typically not positive. At the same time, underwriting is also a real problem so using fewer words isn’t always the goal. All in all, learning how to be a better writer means you need to learn things like this and then start writing and use what you know.

Always have someone else look over your writing before you publish it. No matter how careful you are, it’s easy to miss errors in your own writing. When you write something, it’s hard to step back and see it clearly. Your mind will internally correct anything that’s wrong but you won’t consciously be aware of it. An objective reader, though, is not close to your writing and a mistake is more likely to jump out at him or her. The reader can also give you honest feedback on how well your writing flows. The key is to find someone whose opinion you trust who won’t mind going over your writing. It’s especially useful when trying to sell something or convince your buyer, this piece of text for example is trying to sell something called a Smart DNS service with an informational type content rather than an advert.

Don’t make writing more complicated than it needs to be. It does, however, take some effort on your part. This is the same commitment you made to building your business. Your writing will improve little by little if you keep working on it.

Writing is a skill that can help you earn more money as it will help you be more persuasive in your communications. Focus on doing everything possible to improve your writing skills and you won’t be sorry!



In the country that English becomes the second language, it is very difficult for me when it comes to write English essay. Ever since I am in the first year of high school, writing essay is something that I really hate. Furthermore, my teacher was someone who did not have any patient to teach the kid like me. I did not say that I am stupid but I just needed a little more time that my friends. I always got the bad score when comes in writing assignment.

Then on the second grade I got the new teacher. His name is Mr. Zen. He is very nice person. On the first time he taught, he told the whole class to write everything that we considered interesting. I remember I was writing something about glutera facial wash. It was very silly but Mr. Zen did not say anything about subject matter of my writing. He was giving a good input in grammar and vocabulary. He examined the assignments one by one patiently. He called one student and gave 10 minutes lecturer about his/her writing. That was really surprised me because my former teacher would just told us to collect the task and gave the score without I knew what I did wrong.

Ever since Mr. Zen started teaching us I found that writing is not as scary as I felt back there. He teaches me that sometimes writing is not about a good content and a great story, but writing is something that I need to do with easy and fun mind. That will bring in a good result. Well my writing skill is not that great but I love to practice more thanks to him.

You’ll find that most writers have an opinion about what is the root cause of writer’s block.   Some insist that there’s no such thing, an opinion that’s especially believable if  you’ve never actually experienced it yourself.  It’s worth thinking about – is writer’s block real or just a figment you’ve invented to explain your lack of productivity.

So whether it exists or not, all of us probably have experienced something pretty similar so how do overcome writer’s block?  Well it’s important to keep your lack of writing in proportion, don’t make too much of a big deal about it.  The reality is that people generally don’t have a problem writing something but more with writing something worth reading.  If your over criticial of your efforts you’ll find it difficult to write under any circumstances.

If you do tend to be critical try having a different persepective on your writing.  Instead of an art form think perhaps as a job, a task to complete.  After all if you’re a writer that’s all it is – putting down some words onto a page.  Writing is a task just like any other, try and keep that in perspective.

It’s important to keep to deadlines and of course to set them in the first place.  However if you are struggling to put down those words then forcing yourself ain’t gonna help.  Try and do something else, my favorite light relief is to fire up my laptop and watch something from the BBC Iplayer library.  If you are outside the UK you may need the help of this page – How to use a UK Proxy to watch the BBC Iplayer.  The idea is to do something to take your mind off the writing.

For something a little less high brow but with some quality can I suggest Netflix, although it tends to have less of the really recent stuff, there’s lots of quality there. You do need to switch your account to the American version if possible though as it has most of the other versions and more –

On YouTube – American Netflix.
It’s also a good idea to have multiple projects in the go, so that if one gets hard going you can switch – this usually makes a big difference.

Millions of people across the world have learnt English themselves not from William Shakespeare or other English literary classic, but by listening to the BBC World Service.  If you’ve ever spoken to someone who has learnt directly like this you’ll often be amazed at the wonderful accent that is developed.  It’s certainly much more pleasing on the ear than those who have used the clipped tones of some Hollywood action hero.

In fact nowadays the BBC website has a huge treasure trove of resources for anyone wanting to learn English or more about English literature.   There’s lots of learning resources, educational sections and even bite size lessons for people trying to learn English for themselves.  All of this is free and accessible any time day or night.   It really is a wonderful free resource that anyone can use.  For instance there is a section which takes news stories from the main site and then breaks down the vocabulary used by the story.  Here’s an example of a story about the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin –  It’s great practice for brushing up on your vocabulary and seeing words used in a modern and real context.

Of course it can get a bit boring just learning language purely from lessons like this.  So here it’s an idea to get access to the content contained in the BBCs media player.  In fact using using BBC Iplayer abroad 2011 can be a little problematic.   For some reason the BBC have restricted the content to anyone accessing the site from outside the United Kingdom.  I for one think this a tremendous shame that the wonderful content that is contained on the BBC Web site is restricted like this.  I presume it’s to do with licensing arrangements but you would have thought that a public broadcaster like the BBC could look beyond such commercial requirements.  But all is not lost thanks to sites like this –

The above video shows that if you want to connect to the BBC IPlayer from outside  the UK then all you need to do is hide your IP address.  This is the number that is assigned to your computer when you connect to the internet.  It normally is the one assigned by your ISP which will of course be registered to the country you are connecting from.  However if you can find a proxy or VPN server to use that is based in the United Kingdom you can use this to connect from.  Then the BBC will think you are actually in the UK and you should be able to watch anything you like.  It’s actually very easy to do and doesn’t take any technical skill, in fact once you’ve started watching the show you can disconnect from the proxy server.

Getting started as a writer is obviously not easy especially when you’re new to writing.  Even getting to the end of that first story, book or screenplay can take an eneormous amount of effort.   But fortunately there are resources online which can help you and definitely one of the best is The Writers Room on the BBC website.

It’s split into sections which can help writers whichever point in the process they find themselves at.  The first section for example deals with people who have not yet completed a piece of work.  Perhaps they’re stuck at how to start or need some sort of guide or structure to follow.   Generally the information here is about scriptwriting although the advice is just as useful for writers in all areas.

You’ll find a series of articles and guides on various types of writing scripts – for radio, theatre, movies and of course television – obviously tailored to the UK.  Each of the sections also comes complete with example scripts from successful shows, series and plays.

It’s truly a wonderful resources, you’ll find ideas on how to develop stories, character development and what to do when you get stuck.  What makes a great character for example – we’ve all probably got our own ideas. However getting the opinion from one the worlds most successful and oldest broadcasters is probably worth knowing too.

There’s a more practical side to the site too, with a huge library of shows, dramas and scripts to study.  Some of the hows are linked in to BBC Iplayer so you may need a site like this –, if you’re not able to watch UK television due to your location.  Further more there are lots of regular updates including opportunities and vacancies.  Also you even have the chance to use the site to upload your scripts directly to the BBC, how amazing is that?  However that is now restricted to specific windows in order to keep the numbers to amore manageable level – you have to keep an eye out on the site for a date.

When I was a student writing is difficult and time consuming for me, but like any complex job, writing is easier if we have the right tools. Writing strategies are the tools writers use to do their work. Good writing doesn’t happen by accident. Successful writers use mental procedures to control the production of writing. Writers use strategies all the time to keep their writing going and to make it come out the way they intend.

If you don’t know what to write, then write that. Just write. Just get your inspiration, let it flow as automatic cat feeder which automatically feed your cat. Have a quantitative goal: 500 words, three pages, five minutes — it doesn’t matter. Just write. Do not pause in order to spell correctly or write flawlessly, and don’t go back to rewrite. Turn off your inner editor. Do not strive for coherence. Just write. Consider closing your eyes while you’re writing or typing, or turn the computer monitor off.

Just write. You don’t have to start at the beginning, and you don’t have to complete one part of your assignment or project before you move on to another one. Just build on your background work one piece at a time as it develops, and just try , the more you try the ore skill you will improve.


Ever since I was little my mom always gives me a book to read. She did not tell me strictly to read book but ever since I touched my first book I fell in love. I think reading is the most enjoyable moment. I can spend a day just by reading novels. My favorite book is detective story but adventure will do too. Every time I read I lost myself into the story. Reading can stimulate your brain into a better thinker. You may not be smart instantly but you will know something that you do not get from school. I prefer reading also than watching a movie. I think by reading, you will get the important detail that people like to erase from the movie. If you ask me which one that I like from harry potter movie or book. I definitely will pick book.  Well because I like to read more that to take care of my dog, my mom buy me an automatic dog feeder to help me feed her.

I have always been a fan of reading but tendedd to stick to either fiction or biographies before. Things have changed and now I am concentrating on reading books that will teach me a skill.

Of course you couldn’t do something like read a karate book then expect to star in a Jacky Chan film but certain books that I have been reading plus some practical attempts have helped me and now I am a lot better at cooking and if you fancy a cocktail just give me a shout.

That is where I started out, I found an old cocktail book at a party and gave it a go. I never got a minutes peace after that with people wanting coctails but it was good fun. I have been taking a bit more time about things now and am quite tempted to take a course. I saw a cometition but it is only for licenses bar tenders to apply, click here,  to but I am thinking that this could be my future career.

I was quite good at the cooking but I think the whole cocktail thing suits me better, I wouldn’t mind getting to work in one of those top cocktail bars but we will have to see. I have ordered a couple more books so I should have added a few more recipes to my repertoir soon enough.

I’ve only recently become the proud owner of the device that’s meant to transform the way we read – the Kindle.  I was among the many people I suspect who just loved books and didn’t relish the idea of staring at a screen for even longer than normal.  It was one of my problems with the device, like many most of my job involves sitting in front of a computer screen.  So the idea of coming home from work and looking at yet another screen apart from the television just didn’t appeal. In fact it was only when I noticed my mother seemed to be surgically attached to her Kindle that I started to have second thoughts.

They’re actually not expensive and the rival devices released from other manufacturers has driven the costs down even more.  I’m not even one of those technophobes who hate the idea of us all reading from an electronic device, books in themselves are not that important to me – merely the words they portray.  But I was still uncertain and unsure about how pleasurable it could be to read from a screen rather than a page.  I think the real moment I decided to try one was one evening when I finally discovered by reading this webpage – how to watch BBC on the Ipad, which as I am currently living in the USA was previously not possible.

So how was my first experience?  Well it involved a few little technology fiddles to get going, you have to associate an Amazon account with  the device.  However that doesn’t take too long and the process is fairly intuitive, even when the device is bought under a different Amazon account which mine was.  For anyone used to using a decent Smart phone or the iPad, then the menu is fairly clunky although that’s using the original basic one.  The new ones have touchscreens and other handy navigation features I believe.  So you use little arrows and the buttons on the side of the device to move around menus, it is a little bit like hard work especially when you want to buy something.

For expats though the choice becomes a bit simpler, especially if you’re starved of English books.  After all check what we have to do simply to watch the BBC on our computers –

It’s a bit of a nuisance but a price worth paying –

However the reality is that all you really need is to select a book and use the page back and forward to read it.  All the rest is best done on your computer, buying a Kindle version of a book can be done from your computer as normal.  Buy the book and it automatically gets synchronised with your device – it’s effortless and really simple to use.  But the real benefit to the Kindle is the screen, it’s really just like reading from a book. In some senses it’s easier as the Kindle is smaller and lighter than most books as well – plus you get to carry hundreds around with at the same time.  If you’re considering trying a Kindle or one of it’s alternatives, I urge you  to give it a try – they really do work well.


I have been having a cat since I was a little. I already have ten cats now. From time to time, I notice that my oldest cat has the “bossy behavior”. It is like that she consider my home is her own territory and she is the boss of it, so that scratching my sofa and marking the areas are totally her daily activities. My kittens have another behavior; they tend to be very aggressive among the other cats. Well as I know cats can be very aggressive when they feel threatened. Most of my cat would not attack the other animals or involve in the unnecessary fight as this could result in injury to itself, which could threaten its survival. Well my kitten sure like to challenge the other animals, like another cat or even dog which is bigger that them. I do not concern about their safety because they will do it again eventually. I have one cat that is very quiet. She is seven months old and I think she is very shy. Every time my family or friends come visiting me, she would hide under my bed for all daylong. She does not even eat with the other cat, so I have this automatic pet feeder especially for her. Even though I have cats with so many behavior, but we still make it through the day.

Unless someone has lived in a cave or a deep, dark jungle he has probably heard of the Internet.  This great American invention of the late 1960s has had a global impact. A number of technologies have sprung up to take advantage of the information sharing opportunities this world-wide network of decentralized computers.  Although the threat of a nuclear war looms less largely over the planet, the need for people to take out loans remains the same. A paymentbot is one of the many technologies a person can use to know what the payments on a loan should be.  The process, which sometimes seems to confirm Clarke’s law perfectly, gives the user a number that tells him how much a loan he can cost.

The reader probably already knows this about a paymentbot.. If he is wise or looking for a loan, he will ask what he can do with this number.  Well, he probably already knows it is a planning tool, but that does not really go deep enough.  The consumer who gets this number before he goes shopping around for his loan knows if the banks are giving him a good deal.  The monthly payments should be close to this number. If the payments suggested by the lending institution are not close to what the payment bot suggests, a consumer should ask why.  If there is not a good reason, he should seek out another lending institution.

The internet has of course made the process of finding the best deal much easier.  You can access hundreds of loan providers sites, and even without using these tools you can also visit the various price comparison sites which scrape a selection of deals and present them to you.  However depending on where you live you might have problems accessing some of these sites – I tried to arrange a UK based car loan from my holiday in Thailand and was blocked repeatedly due to my location.  It can be solved though and using the best UK VPN I could find, I was eventually able to both research and arrange a car loan remotely from my holiday.

The PaymentBot can do many things for its user.  If it is provided by a lending institution, it may even help someone get a loan for that particular institution.  If programmers working for an information portal provided the software, they may have connected it to various loan providers.  They can direct the user to these providers, but they cannot do much more than this.

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Are you an English Literature student?  MAke sure you use the GPABot to ensure your academic success!

What is the advantage of a tool such as this US DNS for Netflix for high school aged students and their parents? One of the most important elements in preparing for college is having a good Grade Point Average (GPA). However, many students may feel unsure about what their current grades will look like when converted into the all-important numbers that college admission offices request. A gpa calculator can help student and parents evaluate where the student can improve his or her work, in order to raise the grade point average of the student.

Whether the student attends a regular school or participates in home schooling or specialized tutoring, there are methods of converting the student’s work evaluations into the standard grade point average numbers that the admission offices of colleges and universities use to select students for admission. Using a gpa converter during the high school years allows the student to have a better understanding of how grade evaluations affect the way they appear to school admission evaluators or to potential employers.

If the student aims to raise his or her grade point average, a gpa calculator can help in the planning stages as well. By knowing how many additional class credits are needed and what grade would be necessary to raise the grade point average, the student has the information necessary to decide what choices to make. Having the goal of doing well in a particular class can be an excellent motivator for a student.

Inspiration and motivation can come from knowing the state of the student’s over-all grade point average. With a gpa calculator, parents and student can gain a sense of confidence by seeing the advantage of every improved grade the student receives. Goals will seem much more achievable when the student can have a constant sense of what each improvement in grades can mean. Using a gpa calculator is one tool readily available to all.

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As a huge fan of literature I have always collected books but obviously that can take up a fair bit of space so I am embracing this new age of digital books and look forward to seeing what is next.

You can get several kind of devices to read your ebooks on and to be honest I quite like my phone for it and I just got a great Haud yer wheesht iPhone case that is just so funny. As a big fan of Scottish literature and poetry I thought it would be a nice little nod to that.

It took me a while to get used to it at first, I was the same with converting from CDs to downloads but now I am there I think it is fabulous and have an incredible amount of space now that I have sold all my old collections.

It is interesting to think that 20 years ago not many people had mobile phones at all whereas now people pretty much can’t live without them. They are TVs, cameras, books, music players, diaries and don’t even get me started on some of the apps. It is an exciting age that we live i and I for one am privileged to be able to take advantage of some of the great technological advances we have made.

Vocabulary is the important point to speak a language. Reading helps you revisit learned vocabulary, and see those words in new sentences and contexts. One excellent source of foreign language exposure is through graded readers, which are designed specifically for language learners. Another good source is advertisements or menus, which tend to use short, colloquial text.

Many people want to improve their vocabularies, but memorization and retention are the key roadblocks. Not everyone has a natural ability to memorize. However, memorization is a skill that can be learned and improved upon with commitment and practice. People remember information that has clear multi-sensory connections. Practice new words out loud and in writing. Make a conscious effort to visualize a connection between new words and their meanings through concrete images.

For example, precocious means someone who is ahead of his or her time. Picture a Barbie you know, dressing up with a beautiful bag you’ve bought from , saying “I am precocious.” It’s a simple concept but it may take a while to master. Some vocabulary is going to be more difficult to translate into an image than other vocabulary words. The more you practice, the more you’ll improve, and the easier it will get to memorize new vocabulary.


English literature classes can be stressful. In most cases, people who love to read, and write, wind up losing much of their love in a class that should be strengthening their feelings toward these things. Commonly, people are told to read, and write, and think and believe a certain way in English class rooms, and this is something that can be very disheartening. If you love to read and write, but find that English classes are beginning to damage these fond feelings, then it may benefit you to take a step back and garden. Greenhouse gardening is considered one of the most relaxing and most fulfilling activities in the world, and it can help you to alleviate the stresses of one bad class after another.

What Exactly is Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is a special type of gardening in which you plant your plants inside a large structure, known as a greenhouse, that then protects the plants from the seasons, meaning that you can plant literally in any season without the worries of snow, rain or strong winds killing your plants. Greenhouses are very convenient sources of income as well, because instead of paying for organic fruits and veggies, you will be able to grow your own fruits and veggies, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, for less than half of the cost. And for any student, saving money is a very important thing.

Buying a Greenhouse

Most people picture greenhouses as being enormous, but that is simply not the case. These days, you can easily buy a greenhouse that is just large enough to house the plants that you need to feed yourself, and you will not have to spend an arm and a leg to get one. You can easily find greenhouses for sale online on classified ad web sites such as Craigslist. This will save you hundreds of dollars. If you do not have the money for a greenhouse of your own, or the space, then you can also rent one. This allows you to plant your own fruits and veggies, save a lot of money, and forego the monetary expense that buying a brand new, or even used greenhouse would otherwise cost you. No matter what method you choose, there is always an affordable option, so be diligent, and keep your eyes open for any opportunities.



Descriptive text is used to describe a person, place or thing where the reader can catch what the writer is describing. Catching  a matter  through descriptive writing including details by using all of your five senses. Good descriptive writing is organized. Some ways to organize descriptive writing include: chronological (time), spatial (location), and order of importance.

When you describe something, you can use these following question to help you develop your  paragraph. Write a description of thing you know well, what thing  you want to describe, for example best automatic pet feeder . Then what describing words would you use, think about suitable noun, verb adjective and adverb. Make your reader  able to create what thing you are describing. Finally make conclussion in the end of your paragraph .

luxury goods magazineI recently had a discussion with the owner of a wine gift basket here in the East Bay region of San Francisco and he mentioned something I thought was pretty incredible-he said there simply aren’t many high end magazines for him to advertise in.  Sure, if he ran a discount business then he would have tons of choices, but for someone who wants high end consumers there simply aren’t many choices.

I think that is a fascinating concept on a number of levels and helps to explain why China is reportedly now accounting for about 25% of all luxury good purchases!

Anyway, in terms of this blog, don’t you think that it would be fun to write a luxury blog or start your own luxury magazine?  Wouldn’t that be really fun writing (and probably really fun samples as well?)

There are many reasons that people use a paycheck calculator on a regular basis. The way that you make use of this tool will likely depend on what is going on within your life and the goals that you have set for yourself in the future. However, this calculator is intended to help you see exactly how much of what you are getting paid would be taken away from you in the form of taxes in 2013. Also, this would allow you to see how much of what is remaining would be paid to you when you are issued a check in the future. If you have ever been confused by the breakdown of your check in the past, this tool offers a solution that is simple and effective. There is no need to worry about information that is difficult to understand, you would discover a simple answer that can help you change the way that you approach working on a regular basis. There are many people that only want to work as much as they have to.

For example take the situation of a growing breed of internet entrepreneurs, who work primarily online.  Their location is often immaterial, indeed many travel the world whilst working making organizing their tax returns very flexible.   Usually the location that people are based whilst making money is used as their tax base but with this new occupation the reality is slightly different.   Even tracking location by computer is not simple as many will use an American IP address via some sort of VPN or proxy service in order to work easily, they may  be in entirely a different country.

However, they find this difficult because they do not have an understanding of how much they are required to pay in taxes. The portion of their paycheck that is remaining may not be exactly what they were expecting. The result of this is  a struggle that could have otherwise been avoided through the use of simple tools. A paycheck calculator is not very difficult to understand, it can help you find answers and allows you to learn just how much you will be getting paid when your check comes at the end of ever pay period. Make use of this calculator and make your life a lot easier.

For more information on how you can use a VPN for computer in order to manipulate you digital location, just search online for terms such as VPN or proxies.  These services are now very easy to use and relatively inexpensive.


An interest calculator can be a very effective tool on a daily basis. One of the most difficult things that many people are struggling with would be finding extra money within their budget for spending on things like lunch at work. Any person that has faced this situation in the past knows how difficult it can be. However, making it a lot easier is something that you would be able to accomplish through looking at different savings accounts and the amount of interest that is attached to each. After doing this, you would be able to make the best financial move for your money, this would help you to start putting aside money for expenses such as lunch. While this seems like a very simple approach, it can be effective and ensure that you have more money to spend.

An interest calculator is very easy to use, it would allow you to create extra money flowing into your account on a regular basis. If you have struggled with small expenses such as this in the past, you may want to have a look at how you have been saving your money. Different savings accounts would offer different results. As such, it is important to make sure that you are positioning yourself correctly. Making a change to your savings could help you to get more money into your account that would give you the freedom of being able to eat what it is that you want for lunch without having to worry.

As someone that likes to get away every so often and enjoy the peace and quiet I have found that carrying a few books about can be quite cumbersome and heavy so have recently made the move to an electronic book.

Having the ability to fit thousands of books on to one small, light and portable device makes things so much easier and gives me a far wider choice than would ever have been manageable with books. I always found it to be a struggle to choose what books to take away with me and now I can take them all. 

The type of breaks I take tend to involve the countryside and I am a huge fan of lodges and things like that because they tend to be situated in areas of natural beauty. I can also indulge in a bit of amateur photography and the scenary and wildlife I find on my travels is perfect for that, see here for more info.

The days of lairy lads holidays are behind me and with my job being quite fast paced and stressful I find a change of pace to be exactly what I need to recharge my batteries and really take a step back. Being able to clear my mind means when I can go back I go back with a fresh approach and can be more focused.

These annual trips have really helped me develop both on a personal level as well as in a business capacity. I would recommend it to anyone that is in a high powered job to just get away for a while and take your mind off things.



In globalization era, speaking is not enough. There is another important aspect besides speaking. Writing becomes important now a day. You have to master English too. But, writing has its own difficulties to master. You should have knowledge of grammar, punctuations, and some rules in writing.

Also there are parts of speech and tenses in writing If you want to be a master of writing, and you want to write an article, you have to understand what your audience needs. For example, people who own cat want to read about best automatic litter box reviews.

Someone will read what you write. So when you know your audience, it will be good. Another, keep your audience entertained. Write a story such to be a good idea. Everybody love story. For example, make a story of your life. Just tell them about your personal experience.

Tell audience about what the interesting things in your life and so forth. Your audience will be various kinds of people, so it is better to use a simple and easy understand language. People will appreciate with easy language. They don’t have any difficulties to understand your writing. Use dictionary will help you a lot to choose what word that common in use. And make sure your audience will enjoy.

Writing a script is not easy, but it can be a very worthwhile experience and in some ways it can suit certain people better than trying to churn out a novel.   There’s no doubt thought that just getting to the end of your first script can be quite a challenge.  There are however certain steps that most script wirters follow that make the process a little easier.

Of course to start off with you need an idea, but it needs a little more than that – you need a dramatic idea.  A story, a world and some central dramatic action – a script has to be performed on screen or stage.  Without some sort of action the script is going to be rather dull.

Creating a believable world for your drama to take place in is essential.  You don’t need to go into too much detail and in many cases it is the writer who needs to be more aware of the details not the audience.  Of course the type of world you create will depend on the genre that you are aiming for.  Thrillers or romantic comedies need very different backdrops however try not to get sucked into cliches. Bringing a new and fresh persepctive to a genre can create a very invigorating drama for  the audience.

Try to think what sort of emotional response you are after.  This is a very important step as it will also help you define your characters, don’t let your main actors drift along.  Deciding on whether you want to make your audience laugh, cry or simply think is core to expanding your ideas into a full blown script.

Many authors use mind maps to help them through the steps of creating a script – it can help if you are new to the skill.  On the BBC web site they have a writers section called the Writers Room, it is a very useful resource.  You’ll find a step by step guide to creating your first script and also some examples of real scripts which have been broadcast on  the BBC.  Perhaps my favorite is the new scripts which are published just after broadcast.  The beauty of this is that you can download the script and then watch it being performed on the BBC Iplayer.   Unfortunately for non-UK residents you might find this blocked but I have found a site which shows you how to bypass this – just check this site out – which has a video showing you how.  It’s basically just a way of hiding your real location and IP address to make it look like you’re in the United Kingdom – don’t worry it’s nothing illegal and well worth it.

The kindle self-publishing craze has taken many by surprise.  It seems that practically everyone wants to be an author.  There’s certainly a bit of cache to be had in being published – even self-published.  And the dream of passive income that would results from a popular bestseller is alluring to many.

But what is all this self-publishing on the kindle (which seems to me where most authors get started) doing to quality?  I’ve certainly downloaded my fair share of very poorly written kindle ebooks.  Luckily I did so on free-promotions (a service called Kindle Select that Amazon offers to authors wanting to generate some buzz for their book).

The fact that these same books have subsequently attracted quite a few negative reviews is good news I think.  The book reading community on the kindle seems to be working relatively well as an inbuilt quality control process.  Maybe Amazon does not have to do too much itself on policing quality?  Perhaps it can be left to the community?

I have also found some gems on the kindle.  Here’s a style book that I enjoyed reading for example.   I’ve also picked up a few of these Amazon bestsellers.  All highly recommended.

One area that I think should be the focus of review and oversight however is content stealing and re-packaging.  I can’t point to any examples but as soon as a new money making niche opens up you can be sure that the spammers will enter with a vengeance looking for a quick way to make money.  And the quickest way of all is to find a book that is selling well and copy it.  Change the cover, maybe tweak the content a bit, and get it onto the Amazon bookstore.  I think it would be a mistake to leave the policing of this kind of activity to the community alone.

One of my friends has a really interesting coffee table book, it is a collection of images of great luxury gift baskets. Given that our economy is so focused on consumer spending, it was pretty interesting and the gift baskets certainly made for some great images, but the interesting part was that they took the time to talk about each of the component parts of the gift baskets and the companies which created them.  It was that extra step and bit of information that I found really and truly fascinating.  The images of the gift baskets were nice and all, but knowning where the products came from and why they were selected made me really interested in the book and the baskets which they decided to feature in it!

I’m a member of a couple of the best wine clubs available online and after spending some time on their websites, I couldn’t help but think of the interesting relationship between wine and books.

Wine is something which really has to be experienced to be appreciatd, but wine books are incredibly popular.  I wondered why, until I realized that the use of amazing pictures and imagery allowed readers to really experience vineyards all over the world in a way which simply isn’t possible unless you’re worth millions of dollars.  In a way, although you aren’t being given the opportunity to drink the wine, you are able to experience wine country in a new way.

Every human feels the need to be loved. One searches for the meaning of love often hoping to find the answers one day. That even the farthest depths of the earth, the deepest ocean, or the vastness of the universe will not stop anyone who is in pursuit of finding love. Sounds romantic and certainly quite an appealing story to address to adolescents who are going through changes as part of growing up.

The topic of love is a concept that is also often introduced in sexual education programs. Not only does this topic relate to the particular audience, it increases their level of interest to find out more about sexual education and how it applies to them.
The number of cases of teen pregnancy is rapidly increasing, thus addressing the need to design a more comprehensive program to introduce sexual education among adolescents. Improvising techniques and topics that will allow lecturers to reach to their adolescent audience is being utilized to effectively teach sexual education. Proper care and education will help prevent cases of teen pregnancy, and will allow students to learn more about health risks and social factors related to teen pregnancy. It will also help adolescents become aware of factors such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Please visit this site as well:

The English language is spoken the world over so to prosper in business it can be beneficial to have a good grasp of the English language. Of course this is not always the case but there is a considerably high percentage  that will revert to English if there is a language barrier.

Dealing with social media you do tend to come across people from all manner of different countries and although they may not speak English as a first language they do get their point across in a way much better than if I were to try to speak in any other language myself. Social media London is often a widely searched for phrase and as such people converse in English.

I find that where some people may be looking for words in English that they are not sure of they use language converters that can, on occasion, spit out words that are not commonly used. Because of this I decided that to expand my vocabulary can only be of benefit to myself so have enrolled in advanced English classes.

I have found that it has given me a brand new outlook and the way I approach reading, writing and conversing in a totally different way. If someone does not speak English as a first language I tend to use terms that are more likely to be understood and far from dumming down it actually cuts out slang words or colloquialisms that may fly straight over the head of the reader.

We were all told at school that the brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised in the same manner as any other muscle and I can testify that I feel a lot sharper for it. I am contemplating what class to take next after I master the English language, who knows, philosophy.


It’s interesting isn’t it?  I mean with so much writing moving online these days we all seem to still be trying to find great magazines.

In the wine niche, Wine Spectator is certainly one outstanding example, but there are others.

Take Wine Enthusiast as an example, they not only feature outstanding wines, wineries and winemakers, but they help you to find great wine gifts as well.  Hey, even a premium wine club will have some success by looking for some new partner wineries given a great magazine like these.

Nowadays, the students in the general program complete thirty credits in English Literature. Normally, the program covers three courses on the theoretical part, from which at least one should be based on American Literature, one should be designated on new traditions and remaining for poetry. Not only this, there are many universities who are innovating and leading fashion spirit along with culture since 1974. Universities across America focus on work and encourage British writers, artists and theatres to spread their culture. With the influx of latest trend in theatres and other college events, you can often find beautiful cheerleaders dressed up in cheerleading uniforms.

  • In every college event whether it is sport, cultural or annual, cheerleaders have grown as a decisive part. To reveal the history of college or a native place, cheerleading uniforms serve an ultimate and most preferred option for present days. Historical philology was complemented by literally interpretation, which was further enriched by theoretical part and critical analysis of cultural studies. Cultural events in the college have been an enduring trend, which sows its root since the commencement of universities. Making an allowance for university culture, cheerleading uniforms suppliers incorporate contemporary art in every costume.
  • Companies like VCU, selling cheerleading uniforms, also provide a wide range of cheerleading shoes, warm ups, camp wear, pom-poms and mascot costumes. Suppliers also cater cheerleading coaches for varsity cheerleading, event cheerleading, school cheerleading and most importantly, star cheerleading. Some of the leading service providers offer special package deal for cheerleading in your college or university. The worthiest aspect is that customers avail cheerleading uniforms on factory price. Cheerleading companies propose best opportunity to order cheerleading uniforms online at competitive price.

Last time we talked a bit about famous wine magazines and how they help you select a great wine gift for friends or family.  One of the things my wife does every Christmas season is to make gift baskets for some of our friends and family.

These wine gift baskets are pretty tricky to put together.  She has to not only find wine, but also other high quality products to include.  It’s interesting that she’s able to find many of those other products by checking into wine magazines such as Wine Spectator.  She’s found that really high quality products often advertise in those type of magazines.

The Beach is perhaps the most famous piece of travel fiction written about Thailand. It is a book by Alex Garland that became an instant cult classic when it was published in 1996. It is a story about a group of young people that hide out on a beach in Thailand on an island that is never visited. The merry band lead an idyylic life in the sun until things start to go wrong, and they are eventually forced to leave the beach.

The book works on several levels. It is about the great hippy dream of living free in paradise – free from visas, free from work and with as much free dope as they can smoke. It is also a story about group dynamics in isolation like the Lord of the Flies. It is also a psychological examination of how man is actually unfit to lead a harmonious life – how you can leave society behind but how the troubles of society, fitting in, falling in love, infidelity etc. follow you where ever you go.

The parts of the book that describe Khao San Road and its cheap hotels with electrocuting showers are well observed and lead up to the shock of the suicide and the  map that leads to paradise. Another part of book that will have resonance with anyone who has been to Koh Phangan are the descriptions of Haad Rin and the debauchery of the Full Moon Party.

I read The Beach while spending my days hanging out on the beaches of Thong Nai Pan. It struck me at the time that Alex Garland must have had the Ang Thong National Marine Park in mind when he wrote his book. It also struck me that he probably went to the wrong parts of Koh Phangan. While the south east has become inundated with party minded youngsters, the northern beaches such as Chaloklum and Bottle Beach remain peaceful and ideal spots. On the east coast Thong Nai Pan and Than Sadet also stand out as blissful and quiet places to spend a holiday.

Besides being on a Thai beach without Thai culture is missing out on half the experience. The notion of the beach as paradise is indeed an illusion just as the book rightly demonstates. Beaches in Thailand are indeed paradisical but they offer only temporary shelter from the cares of life; they are not the solution to life.

People think I’m crazy but I’ll show them. It’s been done before, there are countless examples of networking all over the world. I think that a new bookstore for shrewd out-of-print literature is a vital resource that can sustain itself in this economy. I’m going to make out profits eventually, but I don’t expect to in the first month or so.  But I’m not dissuaded because I have all the money I need from my first job at I was one of a few unnamed founders who has remained untarnished by this businesses culpability in the collapse of the bookstore industry. The bookstore industry can only be blamed because it first succumbed to the routing power of corporatizing in the mid 90s. When the conglomerations purchased smaller bookstores they destroyed heritage. There were dozens of bookstores in each town and city to serve local populations and working sometimes as a network to find the right book for customer. Today if Amazon doesn’t have it, no one has it. If Barnes and Nobels doesn’t have it, they won’t check another store to find it for me.

My bookstore will be different. I’m now looking for properties to rent that will have large open spaces for my customers to read. What people want is an environment to experience their books more directly. A place to share books. Sometimes with strangers they meet while having a cup of coffee prepared in-house. If we make the books more of an item to purchase with your coffee. It can make newswriters flourish. This of course is optimistic. But I won’t deny that I can also be rightly accused of being an optimist. I can’t seem to shake it. I find that my good fortune and business informs my life and has made me a better contributor to society. Someone who wants to do better than they have done before, and do better for the world than I ever thought possible. Some say philanthropies dead in this modern age. I think that that’s couldn’t be further from the truth.

When I go on holiday I don’t bring a Kindle with me. I’m frightened of losing it, getting it stolen or sand getting in it. They are handy devices but I just love the feel of an old second hand paperback. An old Penguin Classic is perfect for me. One thing I cannot for the life of me understasnd are ’airport novels’. Who decided that people on holiday should read trash? Why is trash more relaxing to read than a well written novel?

I usually go on holiday to a beach location. My favorite island in the world is Koh Phangan. It’s in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a magical place that is composed of gorgeous white sand beaches and rainforest covered mountains. Koh Phangan accommodation is mostly bungalows on the beach. Over the years the bungalows have slowly got more luxurious – air conditioning, hot water, TVs etc., but I still manage to find a $10 a night fan bungalow next to the beach.

I divide my time between swimming, washing my clothes, going for walks and lying in a hammock reading a good book that I have saved especially for the holiday. The last time I went to Koh Phangan I read Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I had never read any of his books before, but I was curious about the notion of speculative fiction. I found the plot engrossing and the fictional world he created compelling. Stephenson’s theme of parallel universes and Husserl philosophy fascinating. I’m the first to admit that I got lost at the ’grand explanation’ near the end of the book. But I admired the scope of the book and the intelligence with which it was written.

The book, the sunshine, the cold beers and the warm sea made a perfect holiday in Koh Phangan. Reading some trash by Dan Brown would have spoiled the effect.

Below is a Youtube clip for the movie they made based on Anathem.


Venice’s Favorite MerchantMany regard William Shakespeare as the best poet and writer English language has ever seen. Clearly, given his works, I have always been an avid reader of his literature. Of all his works, The Merchant of Venice struck me from the first word. As a matter of fact, I believe this particular piece of literature teaches many things about work, passion, dreams, love and ethics. This piece of work by William is used as an example in many different educational institutions around the world.

Last year, I travelled to Italy on a student exchange program and given my extreme fondness and interest about The Merchant of Venice, I moved around to all the places in the country especially Venice. My friends and I spent too many hours talking about the roles of Shylock, Bassanio, and Portia and of course, Antonio.

Our six day stay in Venice was nothing less than reliving the history penned by Shakespeare. We ordered Pizzas, made some strawberry juices using our Breville BJE200XL and rode scooters in the lanes of the city. It was an unforgettable experience. Personally, I believe The Merchant of Venice as a play was a great teacher about evil and greed that exists in the world. Professionally, I reckon it was a classic demonstration of what literature needs to be like – a thought provoking and immersing art.

While Lorenzo romanced Jessica in Act IV of the play, I romanced Shakespeare’s work every single day thereafter.