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The writing world and wine have never been closer than they are today.  Despite the wine world traditionally requiring decades of experience before having any work published, blogging and the bloggers which fill the internet with wine reviews and commentary have allowed wine writing to come mainstream.

For a wine of the month club, this is a great development.  As more and more people discover that the world of wine expands past their grocery store shelves, more people are going to be interested in buying higher quality, smaller production wines.  They also, are more likely to spend time talking about wine, writing about wine themselves and generally enjoying the wine industry.

iPad 2: Your Online Source for Literature - iPad 2 JailbreakThe iPad 2 is truly an incredible device. A very handy tablet computer that serves as a platform for popular audio-visual media that includes web browsing, games, videos, music, eBooks, and other applications.

With thousands of books on literature online why limit yourself to what only Apple gives you? There are many more sources for free literature online once you jailbreak your iPad. Here’s a list of some of the things that you will free up once you do.

More Apps

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iPad 2; however, Apple Computers set restrictions on thousands of these apps. An iPad 2 jailbreak means hacking to its operating system which results in allowing the download of any application you want. This includes all themes, music, and games available for a tablet computer. FackClockUp is a popular reason for an iPad 2 jailbreak; an application that makes the iPad run 10 times faster even with an iPad VPN connection.

Device Customization

The iPad 2 only recognize USB devices made by Apple. An iPad 2 jailbreak allows the use of any USB device including those with Bluetooth, USB keyboard, USB speakers, headsets, and other devices compatible with a tablet computer.

Watch More Movies and Videos

Movies and videos on the iPad 2 will consume lots of storage space; iPad 2 jailbreak solves this problem. You just need an application that streams movies stored in your MAC or PC. It’s done through either remote PC access or as secondary screen.

Steps to an iPad 2 Jailbreak

1. Visit a reputable iPad 2 jailbreak website to download the software and the latest IOS version for your tablet. Make sure to download a program compatible with your platform, either MAC or Windows PC

2. Connect the iPad 2 to your computer and launch iTunes. Select iPad, hold the shift button, click “restore”, and choose the IOS program you downloaded.

3. Launch the jailbreak software

4. An options window appears, choose your preferences then select “install Cydia” and click next.

5. Get your iPad 2 into DFU mode, and then reboot your iPad 2.

6. After rebooting the device, changes will be reconfigured while Cydia will be on the springboard. The iPad 2 jailbreak is activated.

An iPad 2 jailbreak is highly recommended and does not harm the tablet computer; however, any form of jailbreak is at your own risk.

iPad 2 and Literature

iPad 2 jailbreak allows users to access thousands of eBooks available online. The good news is one iPad can carry 50 or more books (depending on available memory) in one device. Turning the pages is as easy as tapping and flipping the touch screen. This is probably the biggest contribution of Apple to Literature. Reading books becomes easy, convenient, and cool with the iPad 2.

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Fire has played a crucial role in the history of man from the beginning. Used initially as a source of heat and as a means of cooking as knowledge and innovation developed then metal forging using fire began opening the door to all kinds of innovations.

Uncontrolled fire is of no use for any of these purposes though which is how outdoor fire pits came to be. Outdoor fire pits are loosely defined as a surface that is below ground level that can withstand and contain a fire while still maintaining it. This is a very basic definition though and fire pits have become far more than just a whole in the ground.   There’s lots more information on these on a few of the BBC programmes, particularly those by the Roman Historian Mary Berry that you can find on the BBC iPlayer.  These are free to watch but you may need to buy IP address software if you’re watching from outside the UK.

The Ancient Romans were one of the first civilizations to take the concept of the basic outdoor fire pit and put it to other uses. Their outdoor fire pits could be elaborate affairs that were attractive as they were functional. They then invented the hypocaust, a ancient ancestor of the under floor heating that many people consider so sophisticated today. Outdoor fire pit designs were refined for use indoors and then built into the basement of a home and then using flues and chimneys the heat from these pits was circulated to the floors above. Hypocausts were used to heat the homes of the wealthier Roman citizens and also to provide the heat and hot water for the public bath houses.

The overall look of the Roman fire pit still serves as an inspiration for some of the designs for the outdoor fire pits you see installed as landscaping features in homes today. Eventually the Romans further developed their heating systems and replaced hypocausts with charcoal braziers but like many of their other inventions and innovations the concept of a well-built fire pit, created using fire resistant yet still attractive stone and brick is still influential centuries later.

Obviously literature isn’t really concerned too much about directing the readers to making healthier choices in life, a writer may not find a lot of muse a great healthy spinach dinner buy you could write a book about bloody cooked red meat. But maybe making healthier food sexy in literature may inspire more people to lead a healthier lifestyle and ultimately avoid cancers, strokes and heart attacks and other potentially lethal diseases. Fruits can make a scene just as appealing as a masterfully prepared tenderloin and in some cases even more than you would think.


In addition it will allow the reader to learn more not commonly used terminology like hyperalgesia or triglycerides that otherwise people may not generally meet, look into & learn. Literature can be used for many purposes, to entertain, to make a mind more vivid, to connect or even to educate and often many of those can be mixed together. Being a great educator while being a great entertainer is what separates a master from an amateur, a great master will teach you so much in so many fields from chemistry to medicine, may possibly teach you how to help people or yourself in emergency situations, rescue a life when it’s necessary, and while doing all that it will stay still amazingly entertaining to read and intriguing to continue reading.

After reading some amazing folks of some amazing writers it may actually feel like you’ve just read an entire encyclopedia, you’ve acquired so much knowledge without the boredom of reading scientific literature that can be mind numbing. It does give you the opportunity to realize that learning something doesn’t always mean doing something that you don’t really like, as a matter of fact enjoy the procedure instead of hating it. I would certainly wish that more great writers would take this approach in their works and give us the opportunity to find more subjects of interest or for just the sake of being more knowledgeable & literate.

John Simpson

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Although when most people think of the Woodstock Music Festival they think of the famous original concert held in August 1969 in upstate New York that was in fact far from the only time a music festival was held under that name and banner although they were not always organized enough to merit things like an official Woodstock poster.


After years of holding these “unofficial” festivals on the original Yasgur farms site in 2009 an official 40th Anniversary Concert was organized. The site was now the splendid Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which does feature a full Woodstock museum and directly overlooks the original festival site.

The gathering attracted musicians who had performed at the 1969  festival including Country Joe McDonald, Jefferson Starship (who had been Jefferson Airplane in 1969) , Canned Heat and the Levon Helm Band. The outdoor gig lasted for eight hours and was performed in front of a sellout crowd, some of whom had not even been alive in 1969 but came to soak up the atmosphere anyway.

English writing

Cordyceps is a topic that has received a lot of publishing. Much of the writing done on this topic is in English language. However, although there is much to be appreciated about English literature/ writing done on the subject, some improvement still needs to be done. Not many people know much about Cordyceps. This should not be the case considering that there is a lot of research that has been done on the topic.

Today, there are more than six hundred and eighty documented species belonging to Ophiocordyceps genus. As such, more English literature/ writing should be done on the topic to ensure that people are able to differentiate this species from the rest. Nevertheless, it is important that this writing be based on the existing knowledge on the topic. Although it is apparent that you do not have to be a graduate in English literature/writing to become a good writer, it is important that writers do some research before writing on this topic. This is very important since writing about Cordyceps is more technical. However, someone with background knowledge on Cordyceps can also write on this topic. Perhaps, someone who knows how it has been used in China, since ancient times for its medicinal values can write about it.

Nevertheless, what is more important is that they have a good flow of this language. Many people who are making a living today from English literature/ writing are not people with degrees in English writing. Some just know how to write flowing English articles. These are articles without grammatical errors. Nevertheless, regardless of the topic you choose to write on it is important to ensure that the article is interesting. Whether technical or an article on social issues, make your article interesting. This will capture the attention of the reader. This is very important if you want to excel in English literature/ writing.

Great literature often makes explicit references to nature.  The beauty of mother earth – whether tamed or wild – can make great settings for literature, and when done right, can really assist the author in carrying the reader to an imaginary place where his novel takes place.

Of course, sometimes nature is not just a setting for a story, but can be central to the plot itself. An example of this is the story “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck, in his “The Long Valley” collection.

CrysanthemumsIn this story, the hero Elisa enjoys the art of gardening.  The plot revolves around her love for Chrysanthemums, and how she falls for a man who admires her skill with the flowers.  Feeling strong emotions for this apparently kindred spirit, she gives him some cuttings to care for.

Later in the story, she discovers this man – after leaving her presence – has discarded the cuttings.  The supposed kindred spirit was just craftily manipulating her emotions with his fake interest in her passion.

This touching story illustrates how nature can make a real impact on people.  It also illuminates why so many of us are attracted to gardening.  Working the soil with our hands is seemingly almost an instinct for many of us.

There are many other examples of literature and gardening interacting.  Many of the classic novels of English literature feature garden scenes.  They often serve as places women gather for gossip, or couples meet secretly for rendezvouses.  It is hard to imagine books like Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre without the remote beauty of the moorlands as a backdrop.

No matter whether it is cultivating a rich vegetable garden, growing orchids, or – as in the Steinbeck story – growing Chrysanthemums there is a place inside us that is easily touched by the joys of working with nature.

The standards of written English in this country are dropping alarmingly. Birmingham City Council has declared that their workers should not use the apostrophe in letters or memos, and the omission of this punctuation is perhaps the most common indication of the falling standards.

ip address changer

We sell personalised Christening gifts, mostly bone china plates commemorating the Christening of a child, but also for any other important occasion; and the spelling in some of the orders we receive is so poor. We always face the problem of whether to correct the spelling mistakes: doing so shows the customer that they can’t spell, but if the Christening plate is a gift rather than for the customer’s own use as a keepsake, the recipient of the gift would obviously prefer the wording to be correct. It’s a conundrum.

Overall, we will generally try and clarify obvious spelling mistakes with the customer first whilst quietly correcting punctuation and grammatical errors without enquiry. After all who would deliberately want to put such an error into a gift for a loved one?   To be fair it’s common for many people to order these gifts from abroad, using a fast proxy sometimes to avoid being blocked by our domestic payment processors.  This obviously means that English is likely to no be their first language, so any errors are understandable.

Of course the spread of texting has contributed to the falling standards. Abbreviations and the lack of punctuation or capital letters when sending a text means the same habits spread to other written output pushing the standards of written English to new lows.

When I was in the 7th grade I had an English teacher named Miss Risser. She was probably in her 50’s but she seemed old to us. The fact that she was older gave her a bit more credibility in my eyes because she had been teaching forever and so she much know what she was talking about.

For some reason Miss Risser went out of her way to tell me that I was a good writer. She would occasionally tell me that in the notes she wrote on my paper and she would tell me in person as well. I distinctly remember her saying to me that I was a good writer and I could be even better if I worked on my spelling and vocabulary.

Years later when I was in the 10th grade I needed to get a summer job. Now jobs for 16 year olds are usually at McDonald’s or some other fast food joint but my mom helped me get one at the local newspaper. Because of my interest in writing she wanted to get me something I was interested in and was able to pull a string or two and get me in. Nothing fancy, just minimum wage work where I helped out wherever they needed me.

The point is that because of that positive reinforcement I had gotten several years earlier from my English teacher, I was confident in my writing and actually interested in it. I did work harder on it knowing that someone had confidence in me. Sometimes all a kid needs is a little encouragement and it will lead to great success.