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English can truly be a beautiful language; of this there can be little doubt.  I have been obsessed with the finer points of English literature for decades.  But we must remember as we soar through the classic literary works that me must not forget about the reality of life’s fundamentals in the here and now.  For me, retirement is staring me starkly in the face, and I must do what I need to properly plan for it.  I have found this 401k calculator to be a great aide in this endeavor.


A 401k calculator is basically a tool that estimates the money that will be in your retirement account by the time you retire. Based on the information that is fed into this tool, it can also calculate savings and their accumulated earnings over a certain period. Different calculators have varying techniques of how they compute these figures. Some also have features that can take into account future increments in income, as well as annual rate of inflation. For these reasons, it is essential to know about the calculator before you begin using it.

All calculators will have specific fields of information that needs to be entered by the user. These include current age, the amount of funds currently lying in the retirement account and planned age of retirement. Additional details include annual contribution, expected annual return of these funds and contributions made by the employer.

Any additional retirement schemes that an individual has also need to be accounted for. You need to know all these details before you can actually use the calculator. If you find any information needed and which is difficult or impossible to find, you may estimate. This however risks compromising the accuracy of this tool.

The most fundamental detail is the return per year that your investment is expected to generate. Incidentally, this is often out of the control of the user. In most cases, the annual return averages at about 8%. However, it would be disastrous to expect this rate to be constant; especially considering that the effective period lasts over a decade in most cases.

For these reasons, you need to run multiple scenarios on the 401k calculator. You can put in different ages of retirement, annual return figures and income levels. This helps you get a wider picture of what you can expect by the time you retire. It also helps you plan for any contingencies to cater for fluctuations in market performance and unforeseen events. It is essential to make sure that your funds will be adequate.

You also need to put in the number of years that you expect your investment to last for. To estimate this, you can use the national life expectancy. To be on the safe side however, you need to put in an age that you think will be the maximum you can live. This helps you have adequate funds all along the way.

A good 401k calculator will help you factor in any additional funds that you may channel into your retirement account. It will also assist you in getting the net rate of return, having subtracted the annual rate of inflation. Additional factors to consider also include taxes and rates payable, including the cost of managing your retirement funds.

The 401k calculators have many benefits. They give you crucial information that helps you make prudent financial decisions for your retirement. You however need to remember that these tools give mere figures and percentages. There are many other factors that you need to consider in order to ensure that your retirement funds are adequate.


Perhaps with all the technological advances in medicine perhaps the title should have been ‘Under The Laser’ the times really are changing and I thought it would be interesting to document the people exploring these new technologies, The idea of going in for surgery used to worry people considerably but now we see people willingly booking themselves in for Cosmetic Surgery. It comes as quite the surprise to a great many that people would put themselves through this without a medical reason to usher them into it.

By speaking to these people and taking down their thoughts and emotions before and after the procedures one can truly begin to paint an unprejudiced picture, that reflects the true meaning behind putting yourself in this position.

The media often likes to paint things a certain way regardless of the facts and more often than not focuses on such cosmetic surgery disasters such as the once beautiful Leslie Ash and her unforgettable ‘Trout Pout’. It is shown as an unnecessary  extravagance by the rich, famous and vain. An attempt to stay young and beautiful in a fast flowing media circus that sees starlets born on an almost daily basis.

This may be true in a handful of situations but in truth the ast majority who seek cosmetic surgery are doing this to improve their confidence, and therefore improve their way of life. Some people are better at dealing with certain things than others so you can never judge a book by its cover.

There are also a great many small, minor procedures that are carried out on peoples lunchbreaks such as mole and cyst removal. Again, these are not life threatening issues but when you speak to these people who explain that for 20 or so minute, they are going to rid of the monkey on their back (not literally of course). It is easy to make up your mind about certain things and people but when you see their thoughts on paper it gives you a far better insight.

For many years, the story of Romeo and Juliet has been the most talked about when talking about true love matters. With online dating your journey starts with searching rencontre gratuit online to start your online dating sites exploration in Belgium, Canada and France. Then the next step is to sign up for a free dating site or multiple paid dating sites (if you can afford it). The original story of Romeo and Juliet has very many lessons for young lovers and elderly ones too. One thing is that you must fight for people you love. When dating, love needs dedication from both sides to beat the hate, lies, violence and other obstacle that come your way. Romeo would not stop at anything to see her loved one. Even after learning that Juliet was dead, Romeo made an effort to go to where she was. An obstacle by the name Paris can along his way, and he killed him.

There are times in life when one must just move one after failing to get what they want. You do not have to wait forever for your lover to show up. Before encountering Juliet, Romeo was pursuing Rosalina although that changed after he saw Juliet. Give yourself a chance to love again even after several heartbreaks. The world will never stop to revolve just because your first love encounter was disappointing. The same is with online dating in real-life: you need to send a adorable first message that comes as a gift from heaven for the girl. When Romeo met Juliet for the first time, he seduced her using some figurative language and a poem. We can translate this to the world of online dating with not seductive writing but emotional writing. Seduction plays a major role in dating and you should learn how to use seduction when wooing your girl. You can use love poems or simple sayings that add romance into your seduction art. Be jovial and funny, but not to the extent of exaggerating your ideas. For women, like Juliet you should look for facial expressions to see if you can read sincerity in his words. You can also tell that someone loves you by the way they talk to you, and this was the situation when Juliet spoke to Count Paris and Romeo.

You will also learn not to make haste decisions. Romeo killed himself when he thought Juliet was dead when she was not. Haste decision could lead to undesirable results, so before taking any action about your love line, take time to think. If we again translate this to online dating we can learn that we should think what to do and to take small steps: in this way the girl will not be rushed into a quick date when she is not ready yet. The deaths of the two also mean that, although situations may be as difficult as they seem, suicide is not always the answer. Had Romeo not killed himself before Juliet woke up, maybe they would have lived happily there after. One other thing is that love might not come to you. The two met at a masquerade party, so get out of your small cocoon and explore the world. The lessons we have learned from Romeo and Juliet should be thoughtfully applied to your online dating journey. If you do this, you will emotionally enhance your life to the fullest!

Probably the biggest lesson you will learn from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel is that first impressions can be deceiving. This is also the case with online dating. Yes, such perceptions might be important in discriminating people but they are not important in determining how your relationship with them should be. Elizabeth had negative opinions about Mr. Darcy and builds them overtime with every little piece of information she got concerning him. Nevertheless, in the end, her opinion about him changed and they ended up getting married. On the other hand, Mr. Wickham seems lovable and nice, but underlying is a wicked womanizer who is irresponsible when it comes to money. In my honest opinion the Belgian Flemish dating site match4me is a good dating site that focuses on other than financial qualities in men and women, which are very important when one would like to meet its spouse. There is also the aspect of communication when in seduction and dating. Poems, seduction notes and letters dominate the modes of communication in this story. Through communication, you get to understand one another better and confirm or disregard your worst fears about those people. It is through such letters that readers learn how characters feel about one another. Frequent inconvenient meetings between Darcy and Elizabeth washed away what Elizabeth felt about Darcy, therefore creating room for Darcy to express himself to her. There is also the letter that Darcy writes to explain allegations made against him. With internet dating one should also be aware when emailing multiple women at the same time as they both might know each other. To nullify this possibility of a mistake, you should write more specific, specifically to the girls’ individual personality as you can see on the BBC’s much praised version and this will drastically increase your chances on success with girls on dating sites, you’ll need a British VPN if you’re outside the UK though.

Sometime you might have to ignore what friends are telling you when you are dating in order to achieve what your heart desire. Lady Catherine de Bourgh for example is against the marriage plans of Darcy and Elizabeth, warning her about it. Even though she is elderly and knows much, Elizabeth refuses to comply and sticks to what she now thinks about Darcy. Friends can give advice, but you decide which advice you would consider viable and which to not. In addition, you should learn to deal with rejections when dating. It is not always that you will receive love when you give it. As it was with Mr. Collins, Elizabeth rejected his marriage proposal despite having some feelings for him. Mr. Collins recovers quickly to engage and marry Charlotte. Also you will never get to understand what attracts two people as it was with Collins and Charlotte. One man’s meat is another’s poison, and Charlotte being Lizzy’s best friend marries a man she rejects. Rejection and love as well as pain should be accepted with dating via dating sites as well and should be remembered as a ‘numbers game’ to find true love. Dating and seduction is a process, and will be developed gradually. Elizabeth has to understand what kind of man her suitor is before she agrees to marry him. There also must be some kind of long-term dating after meeting each other on the internet before marriage can be considered, so don’t rush yourself into anything too fast.

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How to Access BBC iPlayer outside UK

I use to think school was interesting but at a certain point I was feeling it was pointless. Here I was in the eleventh grade not studying English literature but being taught what a noun was. If you did not know what a noun was eleven years into your education I doubted the last minute lesson was going to help.


Years later my daughter was struggling with English and had told me there was no point in learning how to speak or write in proper English because she was going to be a math major.  This shocked me and no matter what I told her she would not listen to me. Then came Drivers Education and all of a sudden she took a little more interest in writing.

It’s a common problem in the days of social media, phone messaging and computer based entertainment, communication has changed completely and people don’t write in the same way as they used to.   However when you leave school you will surely discover a very real need for being able to write properly.   Whether it’s in further education or employment being able to compose and write well is an almost essential requirement.

It turns out the students had to practice writing traffic accident claims and if they did not pass the forms portion they did not pass the class. Needless to say my daughter found a need for proper English very quickly.  For a great way to brush your language skills, there’s a very useful section on the BBC website called BitSize which links in with the BBC’s adult education resources.   You can access the web resources from anywhere, however to watch the various broadcasts on BBC iPlayer from outside the UK  you’ll need to buy IP address software to hide your location.

Colleen Williams

The point of literature has always revolved around the culture it is created within. Writers of poetry, fiction, and drama often comment (and perhaps even mean to change) on the society they are surrounded in. This necessity for the whiplash effect is no more prominent than within American literature.

As America tried to build its own individual identity separate from England, the writers were slowly breaking from British traditions. The biggest break from it may have come from Walt Whitman with Leaves of Grass, which trickled down to the poets and writers that would come later (particularly in the 1950?s).

There have been many significant American poets that affected me as much as Whitman affected the nation. Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Rita Dove, Jack Kerouac, Frank O?Hara, and many others have come and forged their own pictures of the slice of America that I am a part of. I only hope to continue what they have done, peeling away the rind that protects the orange pulp of this country.