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The English language is spoken the world over so to prosper in business it can be beneficial to have a good grasp of the English language. Of course this is not always the case but there is a considerably high percentage  that will revert to English if there is a language barrier.

Dealing with social media you do tend to come across people from all manner of different countries and although they may not speak English as a first language they do get their point across in a way much better than if I were to try to speak in any other language myself. Social media London is often a widely searched for phrase and as such people converse in English.

I find that where some people may be looking for words in English that they are not sure of they use language converters that can, on occasion, spit out words that are not commonly used. Because of this I decided that to expand my vocabulary can only be of benefit to myself so have enrolled in advanced English classes.

I have found that it has given me a brand new outlook and the way I approach reading, writing and conversing in a totally different way. If someone does not speak English as a first language I tend to use terms that are more likely to be understood and far from dumming down it actually cuts out slang words or colloquialisms that may fly straight over the head of the reader.

We were all told at school that the brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised in the same manner as any other muscle and I can testify that I feel a lot sharper for it. I am contemplating what class to take next after I master the English language, who knows, philosophy.


It’s interesting isn’t it?  I mean with so much writing moving online these days we all seem to still be trying to find great magazines.

In the wine niche, Wine Spectator is certainly one outstanding example, but there are others.

Take Wine Enthusiast as an example, they not only feature outstanding wines, wineries and winemakers, but they help you to find great wine gifts as well.  Hey, even a premium wine club will have some success by looking for some new partner wineries given a great magazine like these.