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In globalization era, speaking is not enough. There is another important aspect besides speaking. Writing becomes important now a day. You have to master English too. But, writing has its own difficulties to master. You should have knowledge of grammar, punctuations, and some rules in writing.

Also there are parts of speech and tenses in writing If you want to be a master of writing, and you want to write an article, you have to understand what your audience needs. For example, people who own cat want to read about best automatic litter box reviews.

Someone will read what you write. So when you know your audience, it will be good. Another, keep your audience entertained. Write a story such to be a good idea. Everybody love story. For example, make a story of your life. Just tell them about your personal experience.

Tell audience about what the interesting things in your life and so forth. Your audience will be various kinds of people, so it is better to use a simple and easy understand language. People will appreciate with easy language. They don’t have any difficulties to understand your writing. Use dictionary will help you a lot to choose what word that common in use. And make sure your audience will enjoy.