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I have always been a fan of reading but tendedd to stick to either fiction or biographies before. Things have changed and now I am concentrating on reading books that will teach me a skill.

Of course you couldn’t do something like read a karate book then expect to star in a Jacky Chan film but certain books that I have been reading plus some practical attempts have helped me and now I am a lot better at cooking and if you fancy a cocktail just give me a shout.

That is where I started out, I found an old cocktail book at a party and gave it a go. I never got a minutes peace after that with people wanting coctails but it was good fun. I have been taking a bit more time about things now and am quite tempted to take a course. I saw a cometition but it is only for licenses bar tenders to apply, click here,  to but I am thinking that this could be my future career.

I was quite good at the cooking but I think the whole cocktail thing suits me better, I wouldn’t mind getting to work in one of those top cocktail bars but we will have to see. I have ordered a couple more books so I should have added a few more recipes to my repertoir soon enough.