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In the country that English becomes the second language, it is very difficult for me when it comes to write English essay. Ever since I am in the first year of high school, writing essay is something that I really hate. Furthermore, my teacher was someone who did not have any patient to teach the kid like me. I did not say that I am stupid but I just needed a little more time that my friends. I always got the bad score when comes in writing assignment.

Then on the second grade I got the new teacher. His name is Mr. Zen. He is very nice person. On the first time he taught, he told the whole class to write everything that we considered interesting. I remember I was writing something about glutera facial wash. It was very silly but Mr. Zen did not say anything about subject matter of my writing. He was giving a good input in grammar and vocabulary. He examined the assignments one by one patiently. He called one student and gave 10 minutes lecturer about his/her writing. That was really surprised me because my former teacher would just told us to collect the task and gave the score without I knew what I did wrong.

Ever since Mr. Zen started teaching us I found that writing is not as scary as I felt back there. He teaches me that sometimes writing is not about a good content and a great story, but writing is something that I need to do with easy and fun mind. That will bring in a good result. Well my writing skill is not that great but I love to practice more thanks to him.