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Getting started as a writer is obviously not easy especially when you’re new to writing.  Even getting to the end of that first story, book or screenplay can take an eneormous amount of effort.   But fortunately there are resources online which can help you and definitely one of the best is The Writers Room on the BBC website.

It’s split into sections which can help writers whichever point in the process they find themselves at.  The first section for example deals with people who have not yet completed a piece of work.  Perhaps they’re stuck at how to start or need some sort of guide or structure to follow.   Generally the information here is about scriptwriting although the advice is just as useful for writers in all areas.

You’ll find a series of articles and guides on various types of writing scripts – for radio, theatre, movies and of course television – obviously tailored to the UK.  Each of the sections also comes complete with example scripts from successful shows, series and plays.

It’s truly a wonderful resources, you’ll find ideas on how to develop stories, character development and what to do when you get stuck.  What makes a great character for example – we’ve all probably got our own ideas. However getting the opinion from one the worlds most successful and oldest broadcasters is probably worth knowing too.

There’s a more practical side to the site too, with a huge library of shows, dramas and scripts to study.  Some of the hows are linked in to BBC Iplayer so you may need a site like this –, if you’re not able to watch UK television due to your location.  Further more there are lots of regular updates including opportunities and vacancies.  Also you even have the chance to use the site to upload your scripts directly to the BBC, how amazing is that?  However that is now restricted to specific windows in order to keep the numbers to amore manageable level – you have to keep an eye out on the site for a date.