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As a huge fan of literature I have always collected books but obviously that can take up a fair bit of space so I am embracing this new age of digital books and look forward to seeing what is next.

You can get several kind of devices to read your ebooks on and to be honest I quite like my phone for it and I just got a great Haud yer wheesht iPhone case that is just so funny. As a big fan of Scottish literature and poetry I thought it would be a nice little nod to that.

It took me a while to get used to it at first, I was the same with converting from CDs to downloads but now I am there I think it is fabulous and have an incredible amount of space now that I have sold all my old collections.

It is interesting to think that 20 years ago not many people had mobile phones at all whereas now people pretty much can’t live without them. They are TVs, cameras, books, music players, diaries and don’t even get me started on some of the apps. It is an exciting age that we live i and I for one am privileged to be able to take advantage of some of the great technological advances we have made.

For many years, the story of Romeo and Juliet has been the most talked about when talking about true love matters. With online dating your journey starts with searching rencontre gratuit online to start your online dating sites exploration in Belgium, Canada and France. Then the next step is to sign up for a free dating site or multiple paid dating sites (if you can afford it). The original story of Romeo and Juliet has very many lessons for young lovers and elderly ones too. One thing is that you must fight for people you love. When dating, love needs dedication from both sides to beat the hate, lies, violence and other obstacle that come your way. Romeo would not stop at anything to see her loved one. Even after learning that Juliet was dead, Romeo made an effort to go to where she was. An obstacle by the name Paris can along his way, and he killed him.

There are times in life when one must just move one after failing to get what they want. You do not have to wait forever for your lover to show up. Before encountering Juliet, Romeo was pursuing Rosalina although that changed after he saw Juliet. Give yourself a chance to love again even after several heartbreaks. The world will never stop to revolve just because your first love encounter was disappointing. The same is with online dating in real-life: you need to send a adorable first message that comes as a gift from heaven for the girl. When Romeo met Juliet for the first time, he seduced her using some figurative language and a poem. We can translate this to the world of online dating with not seductive writing but emotional writing. Seduction plays a major role in dating and you should learn how to use seduction when wooing your girl. You can use love poems or simple sayings that add romance into your seduction art. Be jovial and funny, but not to the extent of exaggerating your ideas. For women, like Juliet you should look for facial expressions to see if you can read sincerity in his words. You can also tell that someone loves you by the way they talk to you, and this was the situation when Juliet spoke to Count Paris and Romeo.

You will also learn not to make haste decisions. Romeo killed himself when he thought Juliet was dead when she was not. Haste decision could lead to undesirable results, so before taking any action about your love line, take time to think. If we again translate this to online dating we can learn that we should think what to do and to take small steps: in this way the girl will not be rushed into a quick date when she is not ready yet. The deaths of the two also mean that, although situations may be as difficult as they seem, suicide is not always the answer. Had Romeo not killed himself before Juliet woke up, maybe they would have lived happily there after. One other thing is that love might not come to you. The two met at a masquerade party, so get out of your small cocoon and explore the world. The lessons we have learned from Romeo and Juliet should be thoughtfully applied to your online dating journey. If you do this, you will emotionally enhance your life to the fullest!