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JK Rowlings and Shakespeare are the giants of English literature or so the latest survey would have us believe. Charles Dickens get’s a mention too, but precious few other famous English authors. Last October, the Royal Society of Literature figure out to discover how far British residents understand about literature. They published the findings (pdf) in their poll yesterday, and the outcomes were…combined.

Around 75 percent said they’d read something non-work-related at the previous six months, so it can be classified as literature.  Seventy percent of all respondents said that they believed literature is something which comforts individuals in times of pressure. In reaction to another question, 15 percent said they believed literature is too tricky to comprehend.

Of course, our reading habits have changed and indeed the survey would have better results if it concerned online media.  For example knowledge of other forms of the arts such as films has greatly increased.  A new IP address for US Netflix is probably preferable to a new library to most people, unfortunately.

When asked if they can name any living or deceased individual who composed that which might be considered paranoid, 20 percent replied no, they did not understand, were not certain, or could not recall. Of those who may reply, Shakespeare was that the individual named many, followed by Dickens and Rowling.

Surveyors left over the definition of exactly what constitutes literature up for their interviewees. “We needed the people to inform us what literature would be to them, as opposed to inform them what we believed,” says Annette Brook, communications supervisor for your 197-year-old nonprofit arts business. Only two authors of color have been appointed by more than 1 individual: Zadie Smith and Haruki Murakami.

“It was surprising that the 75 percent of people felt that someone they’d read in the past six months had been assassinated,” says Brook. “This has been exciting for many people, heartening, satisfying. However, how a substantial minority do not access read or literature at all actually; that isn’t surprising. That’s only sad for all of us”

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When you’re writing your CV, you’re a copywriter too. Writing and after that updating a CV is a beneficial technique during job search as it assists you keep an eye on your abilities and experience in 1 document. It’s crucial your Writer’s CV is very clear and simple to understand.
Remember people will often satisfy your CV till they satisfy you, so make sure to provide an excellent impression! Writing a CV is among the very first things to do to take in the procedure for applying to graduate programs. It is critical that you ensure your CV has the vital phrases a recruiter would hunt for, as without themit won’t really get a chance. A scholarship CV ought to be written purposely with the research post in mind

Twice as Good?

Twice as Good?

With your CV you’re going to be in a position to promote yourself. Your CV has to be adjusted to the position you put in your application for. Our whole CV writing service is appropriate for people new to the jobs market along with experienced professionals that are already in employment.
A CV is a fundamental tool in your work search, it must be clear and simple to read. Although it can be photocopied for inspection by several people, the original will probably be handled and read first by someone with the capability to choose whether it’s photocopied or dumped. Unfortunately don’t think you can get by without one, a CV is usually a must when it regards making job applications.

The foremost thing you should think about while developing it is to maintain it simple along with specific. When you have something that is out of date, it suggests you couldn’t really be  bothered to gather all the required information. If you’re contemplating using an expert CV writing service like the ones you find on the internet, make sure they ask you the correct questions and ensure you have answered them accurately.   It’s not a bad idea to have a selection available all slightly different and tailored to different roles – for example highlight technical competencies like your knowledge of residential VPNs here in a computer based role.

Your CV can be a couple of pages long, but certainly no longer but it’s your decision. Your CV has to be perfect for the employer you are trying to convince, many will reject over two pages or certainly any which have spelling mistakes. If your CV appears good, employers will be more prone to read it. In summary, paying to receive your CV written for you has both its pros and cons. So that your CV needs to be just that tiny bit special to stand out whether you need to acquire interviews. An excellent CV gives you a chance to get noticed and picked. By taking care of these easy things it is easy to design an expert CV that may easily catch the eye of your employers and elevate your odds of getting hired by the desired company.

Three or more people can read your CV prior to a choice is made. Your CV is a critical tool in regards to your professional advancement, therefore it’s well worth taking the opportunity to receive it right. A CV isn’t only judged by its credentials, but likewise the manner and finesse in which they’re provided. Opting to compose a CV in Word grants you the chance to use formatting tactics and styles to make it look its very best.  It should reflect the demands of your particular industry, and the job that you are applying for. You must have the ideal CV in hand to submit quickly.

John Hammers

Online Anonymity

Writing an ebook can be a great way to get your name known online, not to mention a way to make money. There is now a market for any type of ebook you can imagine, as ebook readers are everywhere. There was a time when the majority of ebooks were simply about how to make money online, now they cover all sorts of subjects and topics.

Nowadays, you have a wide choice of topic, and novels are also very popular in eBook format. The first step to building your eBook empire, of course, is composting your first eBook. This is harder than it looks, so here are some tips to help you out.

An eBook that is only based on PLR material is almost guaranteed to be a failure. It’s common (but incorrect) knowledge that you can create a quality eBook from inexpensive PLR you have stored on your desktop. This technique will not make you popular with your readers, and some platforms such as Kindle will ban your book. PLR can be helpful to inspire you or to gather some basic info on the topic. Only PLR that’s been totally revised and rewritten can be the basis of your eBook. It’s not enough to just make some changes, or to put it through an automated spin software; it has to be written in your words from start to finish. To even think in terms of rewriting PLR, however, is risky, as you can get sloppy and not change it enough; better to simply write your own content!

You’ll find it easier in the long run and greatly increases your chances of success.  For example I recently wrote a series of short books as an introduction to the use of proxies and VPNs for personal security.  They sold in some small amounts but I noticed the most read topic was about bypassing region locking and filtering, so I wrote specifically on this subject next time.   I started on a current event – that is the Netflix VPN block which is quite big news in the movie watching fraternity, only a small book but the subject matter was very hot and sold very well indeed!

Hire a really great editor. When it comes to this, the cost of an editor shouldn’t be an object. One your words are on the page and you’ve had a few testers read through the book to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything huge, you should hire an editor to go through your work with a fine toothed comb. If you hire a good editor, you should be able to take your eBook from a low level to a high one. That is the job of an editor. An editor doesn’t just point out the mistakes you’ve made (though they will if they find them). Their job is to help you make sure that your ideas are translated well and accurately to the pages of your eBook. When you want to sell a lot of copies of your eBook, you need to work with your editor to make sure that it is perfect before you offer it up for sale.

You need to learn how to align your eBook. So many people believe that they can sit down, open up a word processing document and just start typing to create an eBook. Many people in this world are gifted, and can write without an outline. But for most of us, we will need one to create our product. Outline each of the major points that you want to cover in your book. Essentially, you are just writing down the points you were going to discuss. Just put these points in the best order that you think they should go. By watching a few outlining tutorials on the web, you can learn how to do this exactly. Make use of them!

You can do so much with eBooks on the Internet, plus cash in for your efforts. eBooks have a certain market that is willing to spend the money. You have to work hard at this if you really wanted to be profitable. Crafting eBooks can actually become quite boring after a while. By using the information in this article, you should have no problems whatsoever creating a profitable eBook that can make you money. What’s the hold up?

Start the writing process immediately!


George Harris

Writer and Blogger – How to Get a US IP Address

There are several manners in which people make money blogging. There’s also a host of variations on each of these, a common ay is that you can utilize the social media you have already to build up your blog to monetize. In case you REALLY want to earn money blogging, don’t concentrate on monetizing or bringing traffic to your own blogs within the initial six months. The way to use blogger for newcomers will greatly enhance your capacity to get out into the current market and compete with several other vendors with advertising that’s powerful, but simple to learn. Well with the invention of the web, a couple of years past, blogging has gotten more and much more popular. Personally, the biggest share of my own blogging revenue originates from selling my own solutions along with the 2nd biggest share from selling affiliate solutions.


As I said at the very beginning of this column, starting a fresh blog will not need to be considered a large thing. You have chosen to take up a blog and require help deciding which platform to utilize. So blogging takes however very long you want it too, if you would like an excellent result for your own blog, it’s going to take quite a long time because you’re going to need to do trial and error. Thus, get started writing blogs and begin making money pay-per view blogging!   It’s very much like producing a news site but on a specific subject or topic, this doesn’t mean you need to watch the BBC News live every night and then keep up with them but you do need to keep your blog fresh.

The actuality it is so straightforward to locate an approach to blog for free is among the reasons why so many individuals who have not ever had any other form of web presence before come across themselves drawn to blogging. It’ll be featured on your own blog for a bit, but once the info is outdated, you’re going to need to return through and update the info in order that people will appear at a particular post again. Now that you’ve read this informative article, you need to have a simple time setting up your own blog, giving it a special look suited to your own tastes, updating it by interesting content, and keeping people within the loop. Writing and keeping a blog takes a particular level of commitment, along with a passion (or no less than a liking) for stringing words into a nice sentence.

Make sure you keep your information current and updated, for example if you’ve got a technology based blog it’s vital to keep it current with the latest news.  Some niches need updating more than other, for example I run one on proxies and VPNs which changes all the time – here’s the latest post about Netflix blocking proxies, remember your regular readers will rely on you for the latest.

Blogging is an excellent tool to share ideas as well as your passions. There’s absolutely no guaranteed manner of finding an individual free blogging platform that’s suitable, but you often can. So it is going to take a whole lot of time, to really get your blog to where you need it to be, you just got to be happy to put within the time. If you establish to begin a blog from which you’ll earn money, you need to decide the many ways by which you’ll earn money. It’s possible to blog your way to success and make a lot of cash doing this! Possessing an excellent blog isn’t enough concerning wanting to make money from it.

Blogging is really a fun method to share information regarding subjects and topics of expertise. Understand that blogging isn’t for everybody. Blogging is a huge strategy to write if you need to begin writing small, why don’t you begin blogging it’s easy it’s going to take time it doesn’t just happen overnight. Blogging can take days, it may take months it may take years. This definitely is a crucial step because you don’t wish to initiate a blog just to find out its limitations. I looked at loads of various things, before I began blogging.

There is an expectation that whatever we do online, it’s between ourselves and our keyboards. I suspect nobody thinks there’s some digital list of what we get up to online, no record of every website we visit, video we watch or message we send. Unfortunately this expectation of privacy is ill founded simply because of the way the internet works.

The first issue is that the internet is basically enabled through a huge shared network of hardware owned by a myriad of businesses, organisations and governments. Our communication travels over this shared hardware every time we use the internet for pretty much anything. The second salient point is that the vast majority of our communication exists in clear text, HTTP offers no protection of our data at all to interception and snooping. The secure section HTTPS offers some protection but that too is limited if the would be spy has some technical knowledge and access to some intermediate hardware.

So how can we protect ourselves and at least maintain some sort of privacy online, after all I’m sure we all would want some sort of security. As far as using the internet is concerned then the main logical step is to invest in a VPN or proxy server like this England proxy.

So how do these programs work? Well the most secure option is that of a VPN server which basically routes your entire connection through an encrypted tunnel across the internet. This ensures that as your details and browsing travels through the internet none of it is visible and readable. The other benefit of a VPN server is that the site you visit is not able to track your either, your location is normally accessible to the sites you visit.

So is VPN safe to use, well as you can from this video some of the commercial offerings have a huge variety of security options designed to protect your identity and connection. It is crucial that you choose a company who have the experience to run a secure VPN service or you’d be safer not using anything.

The internet is changing every year and in some senses so is the way we interact on it.  For many years, it was about blogging – seemingly everyone had a blog and wrote their thoughts and experiences down in an online diary.  These soon started to overtake the traditional web sites and pretty soon every company and business had a blog to go with their site.

Although bloggers are still everywhere, fashions seem to be changing – inspired by the social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube now we see the next generation using Vlogs.  These are the video version of blogs and users instead of writing down their thoughts, opinions and experiences speak them into a camera using video.

Other technology has obviously enabled this as our smart phones are now perfectly capable of recording movie level quality.  Increasingly the videos are hosted and located on other people’s sites – a YouTube Channel for example.  However what if you don’t want to do the ‘talking head’ style video – are there any other options for people wanting to promote businesses online using videos?

Fortunately supporting the switch to video comes a host of rather clever computer programs which enable the user.  This program for example is an online slideshow video maker

As you can see it is designed to produce videos quickly from any manner of text or content. You paste the words into the program which then creates a video based on the words. From the interface you can modify the look, feel and style of the slideshow and then record either a voice over to the text or add backing music for the viewer to listen to.

When the program is complete it stores the video in a popular format called MP4 and makes it available for download. Because the whole thing is stored on the cloud (a series of large networked servers) there are no storage issues and the whole process can be completed through a web browser as long as there is access to a microphone if you want to record anything.

Each video looks very professional and the program which is called Content Samurai is available here. It doesn’t have the advanced editing techniques that many complexed video editing software has but it also doesn’t have much of a learning curve either. You can basically with no prior knowledge record and upload a video in a few minutes from scratch.

luxury goods magazineI recently had a discussion with the owner of a wine gift basket here in the East Bay region of San Francisco and he mentioned something I thought was pretty incredible-he said there simply aren’t many high end magazines for him to advertise in.  Sure, if he ran a discount business then he would have tons of choices, but for someone who wants high end consumers there simply aren’t many choices.

I think that is a fascinating concept on a number of levels and helps to explain why China is reportedly now accounting for about 25% of all luxury good purchases!

Anyway, in terms of this blog, don’t you think that it would be fun to write a luxury blog or start your own luxury magazine?  Wouldn’t that be really fun writing (and probably really fun samples as well?)

It’s interesting isn’t it?  I mean with so much writing moving online these days we all seem to still be trying to find great magazines.

In the wine niche, Wine Spectator is certainly one outstanding example, but there are others.

Take Wine Enthusiast as an example, they not only feature outstanding wines, wineries and winemakers, but they help you to find great wine gifts as well.  Hey, even a premium wine club will have some success by looking for some new partner wineries given a great magazine like these.

Last time we talked a bit about famous wine magazines and how they help you select a great wine gift for friends or family.  One of the things my wife does every Christmas season is to make gift baskets for some of our friends and family.

These wine gift baskets are pretty tricky to put together.  She has to not only find wine, but also other high quality products to include.  It’s interesting that she’s able to find many of those other products by checking into wine magazines such as Wine Spectator.  She’s found that really high quality products often advertise in those type of magazines.

When you’re getting ready to give a wine gift you have a few options for how to choose the best bottle of wine available.

You can, of course walk into your local wine store and ask for some help.  The fact is, not everyone is going to be comfortable doing that.

Secondly, you can look into getting one of the great wine magazine’s which is currently being published.  My personal favorite is Wine Spectator, it does the best job in my opinion of combining wine reviews, with articles and other content to help people who are just starting to learn about wine!

Like traditional print publications content on websites cannot always be trusted 100%. There are certain magazines and newspapers that write what could be deemed by many as a “stretching of the truth”, this is being found more and more with a gossip led society needing their daily fix.

The same is now true online, it is not just websites and blogs that can spread information at the push of a button nowadays but also social media and networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In these two instances a little piece of gossip can be spread within minutes of it being posted.

When it comes to the more traditional website however then there are a few things that can be done to gauge how trustworthy the content actually is. Taking a review site for example such as this E-Lites review, these can be made by anyone but that does not mean that the product they are reviewing has actually been used and purchased by the owner. Be sure to look out for original pictures taken by the reviewer (as they have on this example), email them and ask questions about the product, they should have no problem answering if they have really used it.

Don’t let all online writings put you off, there are many great resources online to learn and to help you progress in life, just keep in mind the things that have been addressed here.