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The internet is changing every year and in some senses so is the way we interact on it.  For many years, it was about blogging – seemingly everyone had a blog and wrote their thoughts and experiences down in an online diary.  These soon started to overtake the traditional web sites and pretty soon every company and business had a blog to go with their site.

Although bloggers are still everywhere, fashions seem to be changing – inspired by the social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube now we see the next generation using Vlogs.  These are the video version of blogs and users instead of writing down their thoughts, opinions and experiences speak them into a camera using video.

Other technology has obviously enabled this as our smart phones are now perfectly capable of recording movie level quality.  Increasingly the videos are hosted and located on other people’s sites – a YouTube Channel for example.  However what if you don’t want to do the ‘talking head’ style video – are there any other options for people wanting to promote businesses online using videos?

Fortunately supporting the switch to video comes a host of rather clever computer programs which enable the user.  This program for example is an online slideshow video maker

As you can see it is designed to produce videos quickly from any manner of text or content. You paste the words into the program which then creates a video based on the words. From the interface you can modify the look, feel and style of the slideshow and then record either a voice over to the text or add backing music for the viewer to listen to.

When the program is complete it stores the video in a popular format called MP4 and makes it available for download. Because the whole thing is stored on the cloud (a series of large networked servers) there are no storage issues and the whole process can be completed through a web browser as long as there is access to a microphone if you want to record anything.

Each video looks very professional and the program which is called Content Samurai is available here. It doesn’t have the advanced editing techniques that many complexed video editing software has but it also doesn’t have much of a learning curve either. You can basically with no prior knowledge record and upload a video in a few minutes from scratch.