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If you do any kind of marketing online or offline, your writing ability can drastically affect your income. Outsourcing your writing is always a possibility, but you probably aren’t going to hire someone to write every single email or piece of copy you have to compose. So everyone should master at least the basics of writing. Many people are not even in the position to do any outsourcing at this stage. You can save a lot of money by learning how to write well yourself so you don’t have to pay others to do it. The three principles we’ll be covering in this article will enable you to get better results from your writing.


Stay truthful with your words. This is particularly important if the writing you are going to be doing is going to be sales writing. You are going to have the urge to over-inflate the claims you make about your product or service to make it seem like the best thing your customers will ever see, but resist this urge. Making wild claims will only give you a high refund rate and possibly even legal difficulties. Word also spreads quickly online, so if your product doesn’t live up to the hype your sales will soon suffer. As long as it’s true, there’s nothing wrong with bragging a little about your business, service or product. But when you start saying that it will make them rich overnight or something equally unlikely, you will run into problems. Keep your claims factual and enthusiastic but never exaggerate.

You do not always need more words to get your point across, and in fact, you usually only need a few words to get your point across. For many amateur writers, the urge they have to fight the most is the urge to over write something. You can imagine what the reader thinks about this, and the response is typically not positive. At the same time, underwriting is also a real problem so using fewer words isn’t always the goal. All in all, learning how to be a better writer means you need to learn things like this and then start writing and use what you know.

Always have someone else look over your writing before you publish it. No matter how careful you are, it’s easy to miss errors in your own writing. When you write something, it’s hard to step back and see it clearly. Your mind will internally correct anything that’s wrong but you won’t consciously be aware of it. An objective reader, though, is not close to your writing and a mistake is more likely to jump out at him or her. The reader can also give you honest feedback on how well your writing flows. The key is to find someone whose opinion you trust who won’t mind going over your writing. It’s especially useful when trying to sell something or convince your buyer, this piece of text for example is trying to sell something called a Smart DNS service with an informational type content rather than an advert.

Don’t make writing more complicated than it needs to be. It does, however, take some effort on your part. This is the same commitment you made to building your business. Your writing will improve little by little if you keep working on it.

Writing is a skill that can help you earn more money as it will help you be more persuasive in your communications. Focus on doing everything possible to improve your writing skills and you won’t be sorry!