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I have been having a cat since I was a little. I already have ten cats now. From time to time, I notice that my oldest cat has the “bossy behavior”. It is like that she consider my home is her own territory and she is the boss of it, so that scratching my sofa and marking the areas are totally her daily activities. My kittens have another behavior; they tend to be very aggressive among the other cats. Well as I know cats can be very aggressive when they feel threatened. Most of my cat would not attack the other animals or involve in the unnecessary fight as this could result in injury to itself, which could threaten its survival. Well my kitten sure like to challenge the other animals, like another cat or even dog which is bigger that them. I do not concern about their safety because they will do it again eventually. I have one cat that is very quiet. She is seven months old and I think she is very shy. Every time my family or friends come visiting me, she would hide under my bed for all daylong. She does not even eat with the other cat, so I have this automatic pet feeder especially for her. Even though I have cats with so many behavior, but we still make it through the day.