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People think I’m crazy but I’ll show them. It’s been done before, there are countless examples of networking all over the world. I think that a new bookstore for shrewd out-of-print literature is a vital resource that can sustain itself in this economy. I’m going to make out profits eventually, but I don’t expect to in the first month or so.  But I’m not dissuaded because I have all the money I need from my first job at I was one of a few unnamed founders who has remained untarnished by this businesses culpability in the collapse of the bookstore industry. The bookstore industry can only be blamed because it first succumbed to the routing power of corporatizing in the mid 90s. When the conglomerations purchased smaller bookstores they destroyed heritage. There were dozens of bookstores in each town and city to serve local populations and working sometimes as a network to find the right book for customer. Today if Amazon doesn’t have it, no one has it. If Barnes and Nobels doesn’t have it, they won’t check another store to find it for me.

My bookstore will be different. I’m now looking for properties to rent that will have large open spaces for my customers to read. What people want is an environment to experience their books more directly. A place to share books. Sometimes with strangers they meet while having a cup of coffee prepared in-house. If we make the books more of an item to purchase with your coffee. It can make newswriters flourish. This of course is optimistic. But I won’t deny that I can also be rightly accused of being an optimist. I can’t seem to shake it. I find that my good fortune and business informs my life and has made me a better contributor to society. Someone who wants to do better than they have done before, and do better for the world than I ever thought possible. Some say philanthropies dead in this modern age. I think that that’s couldn’t be further from the truth.

The great thing about a good piece of literature is the way it can immerse you, the reader, in a world entirely of the author’s creation.

A quality novel will pull you into the story, and you will find yourself wrapped up in the characters and setting where the plot unfolds. Personally, I prefer historical novels, as they can act as a great window into life in earlier times.

Just like a glass door refrigerator lets you see the food displayed inside, a good historical novels showcases the way people lived in the past. Whether it the life of the rich southern planters as displayed in Gone with the Wind, or the life of a poor London ragamuffin in a Charles Dickens classic; you can learn a lot about life from reading quality literature.

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Even contemporary novels can illuminate the reader about life in different countries. Slumdog Millionaire has informed many about the brutal conditions in the poorer parts of India for example.   You can access these shows and novels online despite many national broadcasters blocking access to non-domestic addresses by using a simple spoof my ip solution which are commonly available online.

Not interested in the past, or in people who live overseas? You can find contemporary literature written about your own country. These books can be a great way to learn something about your fellow countrymen or countrywomen that you may not have been aware of.  There is a lot we may not know about people from different ethnic groups, or socio-economic groups, even within our own communities.

Reading can expand understanding of all sorts of peoples, places and times. Look in the glass door good novels offer and expand your horizons, literature is great for that!

I use to think school was interesting but at a certain point I was feeling it was pointless. Here I was in the eleventh grade not studying English literature but being taught what a noun was. If you did not know what a noun was eleven years into your education I doubted the last minute lesson was going to help.


Years later my daughter was struggling with English and had told me there was no point in learning how to speak or write in proper English because she was going to be a math major.  This shocked me and no matter what I told her she would not listen to me. Then came Drivers Education and all of a sudden she took a little more interest in writing.

It’s a common problem in the days of social media, phone messaging and computer based entertainment, communication has changed completely and people don’t write in the same way as they used to.   However when you leave school you will surely discover a very real need for being able to write properly.   Whether it’s in further education or employment being able to compose and write well is an almost essential requirement.

It turns out the students had to practice writing traffic accident claims and if they did not pass the forms portion they did not pass the class. Needless to say my daughter found a need for proper English very quickly.  For a great way to brush your language skills, there’s a very useful section on the BBC website called BitSize which links in with the BBC’s adult education resources.   You can access the web resources from anywhere, however to watch the various broadcasts on BBC iPlayer from outside the UK  you’ll need to buy IP address software to hide your location.

Colleen Williams

iPad 2: Your Online Source for Literature - iPad 2 JailbreakThe iPad 2 is truly an incredible device. A very handy tablet computer that serves as a platform for popular audio-visual media that includes web browsing, games, videos, music, eBooks, and other applications.

With thousands of books on literature online why limit yourself to what only Apple gives you? There are many more sources for free literature online once you jailbreak your iPad. Here’s a list of some of the things that you will free up once you do.

More Apps

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for iPad 2; however, Apple Computers set restrictions on thousands of these apps. An iPad 2 jailbreak means hacking to its operating system which results in allowing the download of any application you want. This includes all themes, music, and games available for a tablet computer. FackClockUp is a popular reason for an iPad 2 jailbreak; an application that makes the iPad run 10 times faster even with an iPad VPN connection.

Device Customization

The iPad 2 only recognize USB devices made by Apple. An iPad 2 jailbreak allows the use of any USB device including those with Bluetooth, USB keyboard, USB speakers, headsets, and other devices compatible with a tablet computer.

Watch More Movies and Videos

Movies and videos on the iPad 2 will consume lots of storage space; iPad 2 jailbreak solves this problem. You just need an application that streams movies stored in your MAC or PC. It’s done through either remote PC access or as secondary screen.

Steps to an iPad 2 Jailbreak

1. Visit a reputable iPad 2 jailbreak website to download the software and the latest IOS version for your tablet. Make sure to download a program compatible with your platform, either MAC or Windows PC

2. Connect the iPad 2 to your computer and launch iTunes. Select iPad, hold the shift button, click “restore”, and choose the IOS program you downloaded.

3. Launch the jailbreak software

4. An options window appears, choose your preferences then select “install Cydia” and click next.

5. Get your iPad 2 into DFU mode, and then reboot your iPad 2.

6. After rebooting the device, changes will be reconfigured while Cydia will be on the springboard. The iPad 2 jailbreak is activated.

An iPad 2 jailbreak is highly recommended and does not harm the tablet computer; however, any form of jailbreak is at your own risk.

iPad 2 and Literature

iPad 2 jailbreak allows users to access thousands of eBooks available online. The good news is one iPad can carry 50 or more books (depending on available memory) in one device. Turning the pages is as easy as tapping and flipping the touch screen. This is probably the biggest contribution of Apple to Literature. Reading books becomes easy, convenient, and cool with the iPad 2.

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