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As someone that likes to get away every so often and enjoy the peace and quiet I have found that carrying a few books about can be quite cumbersome and heavy so have recently made the move to an electronic book.

Having the ability to fit thousands of books on to one small, light and portable device makes things so much easier and gives me a far wider choice than would ever have been manageable with books. I always found it to be a struggle to choose what books to take away with me and now I can take them all. 

The type of breaks I take tend to involve the countryside and I am a huge fan of lodges and things like that because they tend to be situated in areas of natural beauty. I can also indulge in a bit of amateur photography and the scenary and wildlife I find on my travels is perfect for that, see here for more info.

The days of lairy lads holidays are behind me and with my job being quite fast paced and stressful I find a change of pace to be exactly what I need to recharge my batteries and really take a step back. Being able to clear my mind means when I can go back I go back with a fresh approach and can be more focused.

These annual trips have really helped me develop both on a personal level as well as in a business capacity. I would recommend it to anyone that is in a high powered job to just get away for a while and take your mind off things.