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Many people look down their noses at the big online media sites, thinking they’re packed with low grade made for TV dramas and low grade US and UK fillers.  Of course to some extent they’re right, there are lots of B movies and 10 year old TV series on most of the big media streaming services just like they’re on cable and terrestrial TV stations.   Although being able to binge watch a whole series in a weekend makes for much better viewing at least in my opinion.

However the truth is that the big media sites have literally thousands of films, TV series and documentaries including many classics.   If you browse through Netflix for example you’ll find a whole host of movies which regularly feature in the best 250 movies on IMDB including it’s number one pick the Shawshank Redemption a 20 year old classic.   What’s more a channel like Netflix will actually help you browse and suggest films that you’ll like if you ensure  you leave ratings for the films you watch,


One of the difficulties with Netflix however is that although it appears to be a global service that is not quite the case.    In fact you could happily sign up in one country and then travel to another and find your account is inaccessible.   This is because although Netflix is an online service, it actually is region locked to the location you are in when you access it.  So for example you can sign up in the US and get the American Netflix service, but travel to Japan and connect and you’ll get the Japanese version of Netflix stuffed with loads of bizarre Anime content!

It’s obviously better than not getting access at all but it can be extremely annoying subscribing to an online service which is so restricted to your physical location.  Many of the versions of Netflix are vastly inferior to others which makes it even more frustrating.  The US version is widely regarded to be the best version by far with many thousands more films and movies than other countries have access to.

Fortunately there is a way to bypass these rather old fashioned restrictions by hiding your location using a VPN service.  This allow you to pretend your in a different location and effectively choose which version of Netflix you wish to see, now you have to be careful with these services as many of them are now blocked by Netflix.  However is you choose the best Netflix VPN like this one you’ll have no trouble at all.   I use it all the time to watch the US version of Netflix which has all the shows I want to watch, as opposed waiting for years before they appear on the UK version.

James Collins