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Writing an ebook can be a great way to get your name known online, not to mention a way to make money. There is now a market for any type of ebook you can imagine, as ebook readers are everywhere. There was a time when the majority of ebooks were simply about how to make money online, now they cover all sorts of subjects and topics.

Nowadays, you have a wide choice of topic, and novels are also very popular in eBook format. The first step to building your eBook empire, of course, is composting your first eBook. This is harder than it looks, so here are some tips to help you out.

An eBook that is only based on PLR material is almost guaranteed to be a failure. It’s common (but incorrect) knowledge that you can create a quality eBook from inexpensive PLR you have stored on your desktop. This technique will not make you popular with your readers, and some platforms such as Kindle will ban your book. PLR can be helpful to inspire you or to gather some basic info on the topic. Only PLR that’s been totally revised and rewritten can be the basis of your eBook. It’s not enough to just make some changes, or to put it through an automated spin software; it has to be written in your words from start to finish. To even think in terms of rewriting PLR, however, is risky, as you can get sloppy and not change it enough; better to simply write your own content!

You’ll find it easier in the long run and greatly increases your chances of success.  For example I recently wrote a series of short books as an introduction to the use of proxies and VPNs for personal security.  They sold in some small amounts but I noticed the most read topic was about bypassing region locking and filtering, so I wrote specifically on this subject next time.   I started on a current event – that is the Netflix VPN block which is quite big news in the movie watching fraternity, only a small book but the subject matter was very hot and sold very well indeed!

Hire a really great editor. When it comes to this, the cost of an editor shouldn’t be an object. One your words are on the page and you’ve had a few testers read through the book to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything huge, you should hire an editor to go through your work with a fine toothed comb. If you hire a good editor, you should be able to take your eBook from a low level to a high one. That is the job of an editor. An editor doesn’t just point out the mistakes you’ve made (though they will if they find them). Their job is to help you make sure that your ideas are translated well and accurately to the pages of your eBook. When you want to sell a lot of copies of your eBook, you need to work with your editor to make sure that it is perfect before you offer it up for sale.

You need to learn how to align your eBook. So many people believe that they can sit down, open up a word processing document and just start typing to create an eBook. Many people in this world are gifted, and can write without an outline. But for most of us, we will need one to create our product. Outline each of the major points that you want to cover in your book. Essentially, you are just writing down the points you were going to discuss. Just put these points in the best order that you think they should go. By watching a few outlining tutorials on the web, you can learn how to do this exactly. Make use of them!

You can do so much with eBooks on the Internet, plus cash in for your efforts. eBooks have a certain market that is willing to spend the money. You have to work hard at this if you really wanted to be profitable. Crafting eBooks can actually become quite boring after a while. By using the information in this article, you should have no problems whatsoever creating a profitable eBook that can make you money. What’s the hold up?

Start the writing process immediately!


George Harris

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