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Headline writing can be confusing for the beginner especially if that person heads out into the net to find information. The web has lots of conflicting information and advice about good writing techniques for everything from copywriting to headline composition. The more time you spend searching the more confusing it can all become. One of the main reasons for this is that people learn from lots of different sources. You should also try to remember that headlines were written a long time before now. Headlines are easy to find especially in the swipe files that are stuffed with copy from decades past. Those old headlines were effective when there was no internet. Keep in mind that you are living in a different time and that you shouldn’t think of piece of copy as being timeless, especially when you’re thinking of how well it performs.

Try to keep yourself out of trouble and do not promise about what a product or service is able to deliver. If you’re writing a headline advertising a fast VPN that’s fine, but if you move onto statements like the ‘fastest’-you leave yourself open to challenge. You might sometimes feel the temptation to exaggerate a little bit…or quite a lot…when you are composing a headline. All that will do, though, is cause problems and get you in trouble. You need to make sure to follow the guideline that your copy and your headline will only be 100% honest. Stooping to the use of total hype, on the other hand is a major turn off for your readers. People are sick to death of overly hyped copy online and they are acutely aware of its existence.

It is easy and possibly effective to create strong headlines by using phrases such as; Why, Ways To or Strategies To, How To is always a classic that can work very well. Whatever product you sell, the benefit and features of owning a product should be presented. All you have to do is take a benefit, and modify it to go on the headline itself. But remember that for the headline, the benefit should be a powerful one and maybe the best one you have. And to make it better, numbered lists in the headline can go a long way.

One of the worst things you can do is think about what you want to write when coming up with a copy and headline combo. Your headline needs to reflect the desires and wants of your audience. Any item that you sell, the copy needs to represent value, especially to the potential customer. Your opinion does not count – you need to consider what the consumer finds valuable with your item. Knowing your audience like this is how you will do well in business. It’s all about knowing what your customer base wants, and not guessing every time you write a headline or a piece of copy.

If you have never done any testing in your marketing, then change that as soon as possible. The first thing that you should test (once you’re set up to do so) should be your headline. Headlines are the best places to start optimizing because this is where you both gain and lose the most people. Put a good tracking solution in place and watch the numbers while you are testing.

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